Saturday, April 6, 2013

Great WOD & Back To My Box

Hello Loves! Happy Saturday friends!! Guess who's back in the Dirty Jerz? This girl! I miss my babies - a lot.  Yesterday morning before I flew back I got to keep the Princess.  SIL had to go into work early - so I got up with the baby. Broski had already gotten Tank up and off to school and had left for work.  We had a nice little bonding time.  Mama Dukes came over and hung with us too. Silly me - I must have been SO excited to get back that I told Mama my flight was at 2:30.  LIED! I wasn't flying out till 3:20.  It worked out ok -- getting through security was a mess.  I got totally felt up in my wheelchair and my boot became an issue because of the wire for the pump.  BLAH - whatever. It's over right?!? The AWESOME Nilda from my box came to pick me up from the airport.  I felt bad because it was rush hour when I got in, but we actually got back into Jersey pretty fast!  Woot Woot!  Now my CrossFitting folks know it was the LAST week of the open -- and if you've read my post about Fridays - you know my box does the Open WODs on Fridays SO guess where I had Nilda take me?!? Yep - THE BOX!! Happy happy girl I was! It was good to just be back around the crew.  A lot of people want to know why my life has changed so much in the last 6-7 months -- really, it hasn't.  I've just weeded out people/things/situations that don't support me and my goals. Life is short -- and I have SO much I want to do. If you're not on board with that, then I don't have time.  I'm not changing or being mean -- I'm just focusing on myself, figuring out the DA situation, healing this broken ankle and keeping my fitness/health journey going :)
Anyways - after the WOD - AC came here and we changed and decided to head to La Esperanza with the CrossFit Aspire crew. After dinner - Alycia, Justin, Jim, AC and I went to Kaminskis for a few drinks.  It was a good night! Much needed after a week at home not doing to much.  I was exhausted to say the least by the time I got home.  I knew I was WOD'ing in the morning - which happens to be TODAY!

Started with skill work on pull-ups -- and guess what?!? I got to go down a band!! Woot Woot! I did 6x6. Then I did a mini metcon - 10 regular bicep curls, 10 hammer curls, 6 knee push-ups and 6 reverse DB fly. I got 5 or 6 rounds -- I can't remember haha.  Then I did strict press - sets of 5 -- I got up to 75# -- I got 3 at 80 so I'll take it!!

After my WOD I came home and got ready then did a Costco run with Jilly.  Had fun playing in the wheelchair.  I need one of those bad boys.  After that I just came home and relaxed on the couch.  Had Elevation Burger for dinner with Allie and just chatted for a while.

PS I bought these bad boys at Costco --> DAMN -- they are amazing!! Good thing I'm starting a Whole30 on Monday -- I need this.  I need to get focused again on my body.  Jilly is helping me with my food -- because she loves me! I have my push-up challenge, Whole30 and as much WODs as I can :)

Are you on a Whole30/food challenge right now?
Any fun challenges you're doing?



  1. Glad you made it home safely. Girl doesn't it feel good to weed out the time wasters..UGH! It's like...why did I wait so long to do that!

    1. Girl, it does! I don't know why people get so frustrated when someone's path changes -- not everyone you meet can stay in your life ya know? Plus if you aren't supporting my goals and what I'm doing...what is there?

  2. I am really interested to here about your Whole 30. It seems to be popping up all over, but I have no clue what it is.

    1. Oh yes!! Girl it's an awesome way to refocus on what I eat. It's 30 days of strict Paleo eating - so no grains, dairy, sugar, legumes -- LOTS of veggies, meat, little fruit and nuts + healthy fats (coconut oil, avacado, etc.). Being injured - I know I need to go strict or I'll eat like I am still WOD'ing really hard 6x a week + running haha :)