Sunday, April 21, 2013

What A Week - LOTS of Pictures :)

Hello loves! I can't believe I haven't been on here ALL week! It was a crazy week.  I had a bunch of friends in Boston - both running and working the marathon. It was a very surreal day for me.  Thankfully, everyone I know who was running and working are ok. Tuesday the running community took to support our Boston family and wear race shirts - obviously I can't sneak that in to work so I work my Boston colors - not the true blue, but Navy was all I had.  I was actually asked the weekend before to go up and work the expo for a friend, but then with the ankle I couldn't do it. After hearing everything - just makes you stop and appreciate things.  I honestly just wasn't up to posting the rest of the week after all that. Now I just wish I could run and help support our community - my box did hold an awesome event in which we raised over $2000.  Check out the link :)

Socks and SHOES :)

SO - lots of stuff going on - lets do some ankle updates! I am OUT OF THE BOOT!!! Wootwoot! I went Thursday to see the ortho and my ankle is ahead of schedule.  I was cleared to start coming out of the boot, but the boot makes my knee hurt so I just came fully out of it.  She (the Dr.) and the PT said it was fine. Thursday I went to the box, and did the WOD! I PR'ed my shoulder press - got 90# up for two singles!! I was freaking STOKED! I did it standing too! I also did the metcon - 21-15-9 Push Press (more strict for me) 55#, pull-ups O&R bands and sit ups (they did squats).  It kicked my butt, but it felt great!! I have not WOD'ed since then, but looking forward to going back this week -- hopefully more normal schedule too!
I did rock my new WOD Love tank and bracelet for my first WOD back. First -- I LOVE the tank for the saying "Better Than Yesterday" -- I thought that was totally fitting for my first time back.  Because I have a LONG road ahead, but I am better then yesterday.  They material is SO soft and washes great.  I was extremely comfortable too! Getting a lot more of these!

One of the guys from my box put this up last Monday. Hopefully I can still be such an inspiration to people now post boot. I have a lot to work on and get better at, but I'll be back to my old self soon!!

Still crossing my fingers for my 5 CrossFit Goals this year:
1 - 250lb Deadlift, 2 - 200lb Back Squat, 3 - 150lb Front Squat, 4 - 1 strict pull-up and 5 - Climb a rope

Friday was a great day -- school was good without the boot.  Slow and steady, but back at it. After school I can home and changed and got ready for my first Phillies game of the season with Allie. Also the start of my birthday celebrations! One of the guys from the box, Nick, game us his tickets. We had a really good time.  When we were pulling up to park, the car in front of us offered us a parking pass.  It was awesome! We got to park for FREE right next to the stadium so I didn't have to walk far at all.  The Phillies WON! And we had a really good time! After the game we went and meet some of the crew from the box up at Miller's Ale House.

Tricia, me, Erik
Me & Allie
Tricia & me
Me & T

Saturday I started physical therapy.  I am going to Apple Physical Therapy. I've lost a lot of range of motion, but hopefully it comes back quick.  I really liked Adam and am looking forward to working with him.  I go again tomorrow morning before school. After therapy I went to lunch with AC and the boys.  It was fun.  I came home and took a nice nap before Allie and my GF came over.  We did dinner, a movie and Froyo! It was a good night!
Alycia getting set up
Today - the box went rock climbing.  I couldn't climb (haha though I did think about it) but I did belay. I had such a good time. Haven't been since TN days - when Boo and I use to go for Ladies night!

Now that you've had the speed version of the week haha - hope your week went well too!! I tested driving today and going to try and drive myself around tomorrow - PT, work and the box. Slowly getting back to normal. I know Duane is excited I can walk around when I come - even if we don't do anything - just to not have to be in that boot!

I'm looking forward to this week - my BIRTHDAY week - and this upcoming weekend.  My best friend is coming to visit Friday night and going out Saturday night too!

How was your week?
Did you do anything fun this weekend?



  1. Prepping for my last half of the season! Get you out of that boot! ;) indoor climbing is such a challenge and works so many muscles! I wish our climbing gym were closer!

    1. haha right?!? Got to start getting ready for Dumbo Double Dare and getting to meet you!! :)

  2. Congrats on getting out of the boot & Cheers to the birthday week! Very nice start of it! I love the saying on the cute little shirt as well. I keep saying it, but I agree with the poster that you are an inspiration #NoExcuses for sure!

    ENJOY THE WEEK birthday girl!

    1. Thanks love! I am SO excited to be out of the boot! I'm just trying to stay on the path I want -- It's hard right now to be bootless though, but can't be back at it. Kind of tricks my mind ya know?

  3. Woohoo for no more boot. Glad you found a PT you like. I went from a horrid one to a good one and it totally changes things.

    1. haha YAY!! Yes - a good PT changes everything :)