Friday, April 26, 2013

Getting Back To Business

Hello Loves!! Hope ya'll have had a good week! Things are slowly getting back to normal for my schedule.  Still takes me a little longer to do some things (walking up stairs, walking in general, carrying things places, etc.) but I am getting there.  The ankle (this is the BEST it has looked so this isn't all the time but a REALLY REALLY good day haha) is getting better.  Color is going back to normal and for the most part the swelling isn't to bad.  Obviously it is the worst about 3 in the afternoon. 
A full day of school does wonders to it, but it really doesn't hurt on the ankle side.  I am having issues with the achilles and my posterior tibial tendon (this one is the WORST part). The tibial tendon is brutal.  It hurts almost all the time.  PT has been focusing on range of motion for my ankle and getting the Tibial tendon and achilles better.  I'm doing everything PT Adam has asked me to do.  PS I really like him - he's a runner so he gets it.  I don't just want my movement back - I want to be able to run and lift! The exercise in the picture is the pits. Pick my foot up then out then back in then down. OUCH! He has said I can do standing CrossFit movements - basically squats and deadlifts.  Nothing where my feet may move yet, but I'm hopefully only max 2 weeks out from that.  It's nice being a head of the recovery curve!!

This week has held some awesome CrossFit WODs.

Tuesday - Squats - my box is doing an awesome program right now for squats - I want to play and can't - hopefully soon! My first time trying to squat again. I did 2x6 at 35# and 2x6 at 55#.  I did sets of pistols on just the right leg in between.  Then the box did a metcon with running and movements -- I just did some of the movements - 10 front squat, 15 Push Press, 7 squat, 15 push press. I was exhausted so called it there.

Wednesday - the box did split jerk EMOTM so I did pull ups with the orange band in stead - 5 PU EMOTM for 7 mins.  I was DEAD at the end haha. I barley got the last set out in the minute. Then the Metcon was a 10,9,8...1 with running and movements I couldn't do so I did - 30# (woot woot) DB single arm rows, 20 sec airdyne sprint, air squats and then another 20sec airdyne sprint. I was last done.  Felt good to be moving again. Lets quickly discuss how Tuesday's fun had my poor right leg JACKED up.  It was so knotted up and sore.  I got Nilda to roll me out.  It was awful, but totally needed.


Thursday was BIRTHDAY day so I gave myself my first deadlift back - 3x3 at 155#!! Woot woot! You're welcome self :) Don't worry - I got a video of my last set so ya'll could see --
It was awesome! I wrapped it to give it some more support.  I currently can't wear my nanos due to my swollen foot/ankle not fitting in it so I rocked the socks last night :) We then had two metcons - 1 was 5 rounds 5 deadlifts (100#) and burpees so I subbed situps.  I tried to test a KB swing instead of a burp, but that was a bad idea - it hurt. Metcon 2 was max pull-ups and 10 evil wheels.  I stuck with just the Orange band (2nd to last band) and struggled.  My arms/lats were sore from Tuesday and Wednesday still haha. I got 5,3,5.  I've gotten a lot better at the Evil Wheels.

Also this week - I had ordered the girls from my box a little something to help say thank you for all the help while I was down and out.  They were so fabulous to me.  I gave a couple of them their yesterday. They loved them so I was glad to hook them up.
They thought it was funny that it was my birthday and I was giving stuff out. But always better to give, especially to people that have only known you for less then 8 months yet have become some of your closest crew and like family!! I know I say it all the time - I LOVE my Box.  CrossFit Aspire has seriously changed my life!

I did get spoiled at school yesterday -- thankful to love my job.  Honestly - yesterday overwhelmed me. Lately people have really been making me feel pretty cool - telling me how much of an inspiration I am for my weight loss stuff and CrossFit stuff and still going while injured. I really appreciate it.  If I can help anyone else see the light, I'm all for it.  I LOVE my life right now and wouldn't change a thing.  I am blessed beyond measure with a fabulous family, a job I love with staff that rocks, friends from all over the world to keep up with and a box that has changed my life with people who've become a family. Lucky Lucky girl I am!
How's your week been?
Any fun weekend plans? I'll be enjoying birthday fun with loves!


PS I go to TN in 7 days for Joe & Jacky's wedding and seeing lots of loves and getting my DOGS back!!!
PPS I go see my DA in 28 days!!!


  1. Happy Birthday! You are having an amazing comeback :)

  2. Great to read all this happiness,, especially with your recent recovery. Glad you enjoyed your birthday and you were awesome in the video. Keep the inspiration coming! Enjoy the weekend!

    1. aww thanks buddy! I'm doing my best! Hope you had a good weekend!