Friday, September 20, 2013

Back To Aspire Love

Me & Peanut
Hello Loves! Happy Saturday! I'm finally getting into the groove of school, training, studying, and life, so hopefully back to semi-regular scheduled blogging!! The weekend after Labor Day aka the awesome California trip for Dumbo Double Dare (which you can read about a short thoughts here) was BUSY! I had made plans to keep the Peanut all weekend + had a school BBQ and CrossFit BBQ Saturday and run club fun Sunday.  I took the Peanut with me to everything - she's good like that. She spent about 6 hours in the pool on Saturday and two hours on Sunday. I LOVE that little girl - she's such a joy to have around and take care of! The school BBQ was fun - at my work BFF Nicolella's house.  Her dogs are AWESOME - seriously, they dive into the pool and swim to the bottom to get the ball - how cool is that? Peanut and I thought it was super cool - wonder if Scarlet would jump in?!?

Got to the Aspire BBQ late, but my bestie Jilly was there! I got to see her and her hubs, Tommy.  I LOVE love LOVE them! Seriously, would be lost without them. As always, I had a good time with my Aspire crew.  Didn't really talk to a lot of people.  Peanut and I didn't get there till late, so most people were in conversation.  I got to talk with TLyn and Kelly a lot, so that was good! Relaxed by Sandy's fire pit.  I love her backyard/house - so relaxing and makes me feel like I'm home.  It was a LONG day for both Peanut and myself.
Sunday started with Aspire Run Club........
I love my Sunday runs with the crew.  Our turnouts have been growing steadily and I love it.  Jess has even started coming.  She is brand new to running, and we all know how much I love working with new runners.  Ev comes too now! Such a good group.  The boy I have been hanging out with is in the picture too...but no disclosure on that...yet ;) After Run Club I also stayed and did some clean work with Caitlyn.
Got a new Clean and Jerk PR at 130#!

Kelly, Me, Coach Alycia
September 11th brought about the 9/11 Hero WOD - that thing was something different.  I really had to push myself.  I've been having some issues on my right shoulder, so it was a lot on my shoulder, but I did it.  We, as CrossFitters, do this to pay our respect and show we remember and value the lives lost.  There was NO way I was giving up! Took about 42 minutes, but it was done.  I did 95# for the lifts and 24" for the box jumps!

Aspire's Teams & Coaches
Last weekend we had a fundraiser competition - Beat The Streets - for Steve's Club. Aspire had a good turn out, as always!

Me & JC
I LOVE the thought of Steve's Club and really want to get involved - such a good thing and...some of my students are even in it...

Jake & Nilda - teammates
TLyn, Me, Nilda
I had a great time, as always.  I love doing CrossFit stuff, especially with my CrossFit crew.  It was good to see JC - one of my students from last year, and glad he has found Steve's Club.  Was good to hear how hard he has to work to get to the box to train and to keep his grades up.  Will have to check in on him! Had fun with my girls...and cheering on the other teams, from our box and others.
Team Snatchtastic - Jamie & me
I was lucky enough to pair with Jamie.  She's the best.  This lady is seriously AMAZING! When everything went down with my ankle, she was there when it happened and held my hand, she helped me with the girls before I took them to TN, she took me to and from the gym. Not to mention she is a BEAST! She got 1st in her last competition because she completed like 21 deadlifts in a min - I wanna say at like 175 or something too - amazing!
We had fun! At least I did.  I was the second to last heat, so I got to watch everything go down.  Lots of handsome CrossFit guys to check out ;)

As always, this past Sunday started with Aspire Run Club. It's just becoming a normality at this point haha!
This week has been good - Back To School Night at school and we got treated to sweet new cups from  our administration! Love them! I am so blessed to have a job I love so much.  I've taken a lot of time off this week, but yesterday I went and played with my snatch to see how my shoulder was feeling.  I do have my FIRST EVER Olympic Lifting Competition coming up...and....

I hit my FIRST EVER TRIPLE DIGIT SNATCH!! 100#!! Can you tell be the end of the video how excited I was?!? Even with my broken ankle this year, I've made most of my goals already - and just keep updating them!! CrossFit has changed my life! Can't wait to get my L1 here soon and start changing other people's lives!
Train Smart - Lift Heavy - Eat Clean :)


  1. Soo awesome that you're crushing PRs, girl!

    AND.. My team name for my last competition was #snatchtastic.. I swear I didn't steal it from you!

    1. haha girl - no big deal :) I love that name!