Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DumboDoubleDare Racecation Part 3

Finally...last but not last part of my DumboDoubleDare Racecation!! You can see Part 1 and Part 2 if you missed out. So obviously, my Saturday ended fabulous. Dinner with one of my favorite people in the world - My Tony! Always makes me wonder what would have been had we never moved apart from each other. I got home at a decent time and got to bed - half marathon mornings - especially runDisney ones - always have a early start! I was texting my girlfriend Ro all morning to see where she was so we could meet up.  We finally linked up at the corals.  She has not been training fully, and clearly with my broken ankle and not being able to run haha neither had I.  I only had a goal to finish the race and enjoy it.  That was her goal too!! In all my Disney races, I've never stopped at all the stops.  I'm always scared I'll be to slow and get held back.  This time, I did it anyways. I am a HUGE Disney fan so I can honestly say that all the stops made the day so much more fun!
Our first stop was Monsters Inc. I absolutely LOVE Monsters Inc.  Heck I went and saw Monsters U with no child - some people probably thought I was' whatever haha :) While we were waiting for Monsters Inc. - because there is always a line for pics, but totally worth it - I was texting Shireen.  Her and Jamie were running the half too... she ended up meeting up with us right after our Aladin picture...which isn't up haha! I just picked a few to put up!
My FAVORITE stop was with the toy soliders from Toy Story.  There was three of them and three of us stinkin cute are we? And totally side note - look how much more I'm leaning out? I've been stuck on the scale but people keep saying I look smaller.  I can't tell, but this picture def helped me see. Always a bonus!
We also stopped and had our picture taken with Darth Vadar. As we were leaving, a storm trooper was walking out.  We were kind of complaining out loud when he charged towards Ro and she got a cool pic.  Then he turned and bolted towards Shireen and I.  I LOVE this pic too!
Of course, we stopped and took pictures in front of the castle and it's super cute! And as a HUGE sports nerd, I thought it was totally cool we got to run (or by that point my ankle was sore so we were walking more so then running haha) Angel Stadium.
There was a car club on the back stretch - I love cars so that was really cool.  Some awesome classics and the people were very supporting.  By about mile 11 I was definitely getting tired from lack of running.  My ankle was sore (no more so then I knew it would be) but didn't hurt to bad.  By 12-12.5 my ankle was DONE.  I knew I would finish, but couldn't wait to be off of it. Mama was right at the 13 mile mark and complete changed how I felt.  Just knowing she was there for a race made ALL the difference. I never thought it could make that big of an impact, but it was awesome.  I hope she knows (or she will when she reads this haha) how much it meant. 

I know I've said it before, but CrossFit has changed my life.  There is NO way I would have completed those 19.3 miles Labor Day weekend without it.  For not really running and 6 months prior having broken my ankle, I am STOKED. 

My time stunk, but I had a BLAST, made new friends and finished!!  After the race, we headed back down to San Diego. We grilled out and relaxed for dinner.  I crashed HARD that night! Monday morning I woke up feeling good.  Ankle was sore, but not to bad.  We spent the day with my God Family. Cookout and kids and family - BEST time. I caught a redeye back to Jersey Monday night and went back to work Tuesday morning!  It was a great trip and just what I needed before school started back.  :)


PS there was a L1 seminar at my San Diego hotel that started the day I left...BOO!

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