Monday, October 1, 2012

And I Would Ride 100 Miles & End Up At The Shore :)

Today is October 1st...can you believe it?!? October 1st! I can't believe it.  This month is full of LOTS of fun things - I get to see Meg-moe, Nic and their family to celebrate Nic's new bundle of joy, Mom is coming up for a just us weekend, I have a couple 5Ks on the books AND most importantly is my Princess turns 1!!! I can't believe she is already going to be one! We had our usual Sunday night skype session last night and we (Mom & me) got to see the Princess take some steps. I can't believe how big she is getting and I can't wait to go home the end of the month and see her. Michele wants her party to be Halloweened themed so I've been stalking Pinterest and the internet to find fun ideas.  I don't get in till super late that Friday, so I am trying to find stuff I can help her make all night/early morning to get ready! I LOVE Halloween and having parties so I am excited :)

This weekend was my 100 mile bike ride for MS. The City to Shore ride is probably one of my favorite things I do.  I love getting to ride with Ro, her Dad, Paul and this year Paul's daughter.  This year was a BIG struggle for me. I think I am still learning Paleo and don't know exactly how to eat Paleo style that makes me set for such an endurance challenge.  I will figure it out though. With that being said - the first 40ish miles SUCKED.  I couldn't seem to get going, I felt horrible and was super dizzy.  We got onto the century loop and I was having a hard time focusing my eyes.  When we got to the rest stop - I got caught by the medics.  After taking my BP & pulse, they thought I was having a blood sugar issue so they made me eat. A lot of non-paleo items so I cheated.  I finally got cleared to leave the stop - the first 8-10 miles I felt like ass.  My stomach hurt. I had a little mini melt down - cried and just was ready to quit.  I was really having a hard time mentally thinking that I may have to catch a SAG vehicle. Mind you this whole time - Ro's dad is talking to me, trying to get me to smile and telling me it was going to be ok. If it was my legs giving out - I'd be more ok with SAG but when its something you can't control - I was pissed. I don't quit. And I really didn't want to that day either.

Now, two things you should know - A - I meet Ro's dad on the ride 3 years ago at mile 1. We got to talking and I rode the WHOLE way with him, Ro and Paul. I instantly knew that I really really liked their family. At the time I was with a different team but they were serious riders who didn't really want time with me.  When we got to OC that year, they invited me over for dinner and to hang out, and the rest is history. the second thing - B - I didn't train. Not one lick.  I had not been on my bike since the MS ride last year.  It's hard because in Knoxville, I ALWAYS had people to ride with and train with. Here I don't.  However, I have recently found a team that is closer to me that I can hopefully start hooking up with.

Now I told Ro's dad after my 5 mile cry that I was going to stop at the next intersection and get picked up.  Well when we got there, it was only cops and no MS people so I kept going.  The next intersection was the same thing and at this time we were so close to the next rest stop I figured I'd just go there.  By the time I got to that rest stop though, I felt a lot better.  So I said I'd aim for the next stop. Wouldn't you know after we pulled out - I skipped the next stop and just kept going. I felt great.  I was moving good. My legs felt strong. I could see and my head felt good. The last stop we all linked up again.  We had 13.1 miles to go from that stop till the boardwalk in Ocean City. I knew I could do it.  I was worried about the crazy bridges, but I knew I could do it even if I had to get off and walk the bridge.  I didn't.  I powered right up them.  I owe this ride to my team.  For dealing with me.  Having to stop longer at the century loop stop to get me cleared. I'm already looking forward to next years ride (and training too).

Quick Recap of September Goals

 1.Run at least 4 days a week. This happened up until last week - took it off bc of bike race
 2.Go to CrossFit 3 days on 1 day off (may flux first two weeks of month due to HM program) DONE :)
 3.Rock the Philly Rock'n'Roll half marathon.  DONE :)
4.Squat September -- started with 5...adding 5 every day! Goal is 150 by end! Done :)

 1.Go to church at least 2 of the 4 Sundays. I still need to find a church I like...thought I had, but I haven't.
 2.Be working on the 30 day Paleo challenge through the gym. Done - some cheats b/c of races, but trying to figure it out
 3.Be more social nope - haven't done much haha

 1.Write a post at least every other day. Almost - not every other, but def better :)

So....with that.... here we go
 1.Run at least 3 days a week (one has to be a LONG run of 5 or more and one has to be Speed work!).
 2.Go to CrossFit 5 days a week
 3.Rock the Heros to Hero run & Vineyard 5K (maybe get one under 35).
4.Plank EVERY day this month!

 1.Go to church at least 2 of the 4 Sundays.
 2.Be working on the 30 day Paleo challenge through the gym (ends the 10th) and then transition to a more Paleo life every day.
 3.Be more social/gett out more

 1.Write a post at least every other day.


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  1. LOVE YOU! always inspiring. Keep it up, lovey :) XX whooty