Monday, October 8, 2012

FroYo Anyone :)

Hey y'all!! How was everyone's weekend?!? Mine was FANTASTIC! Was great to have Mama Dukes up for the weekend.  We had a really good dinner and conversation Friday.  I love when we get to catch up and just have "mom & daughter" time. After the week I had it was just what I needed! Saturday - was a fabulous CrossFit WOD to start the day! I LOVE when my days start with CrossFit - it's bad...if I could just CrossFit all day I think I would.  2-3 of my own WODs + work with others.  Maybe one day - I just love teaching to much right now :) After my WOD, I went home and showered and got ready. Mama and I went to get food at the new diner then the craft fair on main street.  It wasn't amazing, but it was fun.  I thought it would be more crafts.  Mom wanted some frozen yogurt so we went to Froyo....YUMMMMM

After our awesome Froyo we went to Atlantic City for just a little over an hour or so.  It was fun.  Mom was teaching me craps - it was a good time.  I like craps and I'm definitely getting better.  After we got back from AC I made some bacon wrapped dates for GF's birthday shindig at her house.  Mom and I went to dinner at Outback and I paid for it dearly Sunday morning.  Between my french fries and then two of Dollface's cupcakes my stomach was DONE! haha It was good to head to GF's.  I have not seen anyone in a while and I know I need to make more time to be social and see my friends. I actually had that talk with my mom.

My social life has been slacking lately.  I know I have a lot on my plate fitness wise and running wise, but I read a great blog that said it won't kill you to head out on a Friday night if you have a long run Saturday.  It's not ideal, but it won't be every week and I need to make it a point to see my friends more and get out more :)
Sunday was another WOD with Jill.  We made up Thursday's WOD - and I could totally feel it be the end of the day.  We worked on split jerks - 2x EMOTM for 10 - got 85 for the first 6 and 90 for the last 4.  I love seeing the progress. When I got home, I showered and mom showed up with baskets to help organize and.....THIS
It's an early Christmas present and I can not WAIT to use it!! I'm hoping to help get my greens in via a smoothie.  I also treated myself my box's awesome hoodies!! Isn't it amazing?!?

I also saw Pitch Perfect with Ush this week -- LOVED it! This was my favorite of my all time FAVORITE songs!!!
Disney training starts this week - I'll post tonight about my awesome new ideas for my running and CrossFit schedule :)

For now...



  1. i'm not a froyo fan really. i know, i know. sad.
    but bacon.. that's a whole other story.

    1. That is sad :( I love froyo!! Now Froyo and bacon - YUM! :)

  2. I'm sooooo jealous you saw that movie!

    SUPER excited for our every third Friday's though :)

    1. GF - it was SO good! And I'm excited for third Fridays too!!!

  3. Whats this every 3rd Friday? I want in! lol

    1. You can join us! Date night once a month - set every month! :)