Monday, October 22, 2012

Love, Pumpkins & Bows

Love...seems to be a lot of questions in my life lately about my lack of a love life.  Is it sad that at 28 I really don't mind talking about the lack of a guy in my life? I really don't mine being single.  This is the first time I've ever been FULLY single and I am ok with it! I've enjoyed it.  Do I wish I had someone to share everything with or come home to every night? Sure - sometimes I really think how much more fun stuff could be, but I refuse to settle!! I found the picture on the left this week and I loved it!! Totally makes me realize I am doing what I should :)

Saturday morning I also went back to CrossFit Aspire! I know it was only a few days, but after being completely bed stuck in a hospital for two days then forced to do nothing to more, it was JUST what I needed.  I couldn't do the workout all the way, but Justin helped me to modify some stuff and on I went!! We Push pressed for sets of 5 - I got 85 (with 95 for 4)! So, since I was feeling so good, Mom had originally wanted me to wait till Monday to pick up the girls, but I called to see if I could pick them up. Brian helped me run some errands - Target and AC Moore (yay craft time). Thanks to his help I got almost everything I needed done!! AND Brian and I watched the Buckeyes play - it was a AMAZING win over Purdue!! GO BUCKS :)

Saturday night was pumpkin carving fun with A.Mullen. & Danielle! Right when they got there, LD cuddled herself right up to Danielle! haha Our pumpkins came out pretty sweet - I was really happy with mine!! Bobby came and joined us too!! Was good to see him - it has been a while! Him, Erin & I are overdue on dinner and drinks :)

My Pumpkin :)

Sunday was Dollface's and I annual trip to the outlets - this time Amanda & Allysa joined us! I had some money set aside for clothes so that was awesome! Got some really sweet new skirts and slacks.  Also noticed this awesome bruise in the fitting room - I'm guessing from the bar and push pressing haha. I found these awesome flats at Steve Madden so Dollface and I both got them:)

That's all for now.  It was really nice to be back at school today. I am feeling loads better still - was exhausted by the end of the day, but I think that was to be expected. I don't really like being away from the kids and the routine.  Now, I am trying to get back on my CrossFit and healthy eating routine and add in my running stuff too.  Only 13 weeks till the Disney Full Marathon!!!

How was your weekend :)


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  1. Glad you are feeling better! Love the shoes and pumpkins!!