Friday, October 19, 2012

Health Update :)

So - most of ya'll know this by now but this past Tuesday and Wednesday I was admitted in the hospital. I woke up Tuesday at 4 am with some MAJOR pain - I thought I was having an ovarian cyst rupture.  By 8 am I knew there was NO way I was going to school, so I called in and told them I wouldn't be in.  I called my gyno and she said she couldn't see me till 3.  I laid around miserable all day - took some meds and lived with my heating pad.  Danielle was fabulous and came and got me.  After waiting for about an hour to see her....within the first 5 minutes of the doctor looking at me she told me I needed to go to the ER as she thought I had appendicitis. So off we went...Danielle was fabulous to stay with me till my mother could get there.  It was about three hours until I got into the actual ER.

They hooked me right away to fluids and pain meds - I had not ate since Monday night so it did not take long for the meds to SLAM me. Mom got there not long after I had gotten into the actual ER. The first nurse was pretty cool - minus she screwed up my IV haha. They started getting me ready for test - first up a cat scan -- so they give you a huge cup of water and say DRINK UP! It was my first time in a cat scan - crazy.  The milky white shot thing you have to take - YUCK then when they load your IV up with whatever it is that warms your whole body. They cat scan showed that my appendix was swollen but only on the top side of normal so nothing to out of the normal.  They doctor said next up was an ultrasound.

In between these test - came round two for pain meds and fluids...After this dose - I was telling my mom that the lighter figure on the top left of my curtain (to the right) looked like a cow with sunglasses hahahahahah I think I was losing it.  Ultrasound showed some fluid on my abdomen but nothing to crazy. I was still having pain issues and was swollen in my abdomen.  At this point the admitted me to the hospital and told me I had to wait for the surgeon to come in on the day shift.  Now, I had not really slept at this point - and if you know me, I am a BUTTHEAD with no sleep.  I was really uncomfortable and cranky and trying my best.  Mom left and went to get some sleep at the hotel at about 6am Wednesday.  I got some more pain meds and tried to sleep.  Didn't work well.  Mom says it's because I don't like being out of control or not know what is going on haha.

By 8 am I was onto my third nurse and doctor. I got another round of meds and was told the surgeon would be in by 11.  Well 11 came and so do the surgeon but no mother. Insert my complete panic attack. Between lack of sleep, drugs and no mom - I cried as the surgeon sat there and told me I may have to have surgery.  He wanted me to see another doctor - a ER gyno since he felt it was not my appendix and that I had a cyst.  Finally, my mother came back. We met with the gyno and she told me she wasn't sure that I had a cyst. So now - she isn't sure I have a cyst and the surgeon isn't sure my appendix is 100% healthy. OK - talk about DONE.

So here is what it boils down to...the doctors diagnosed me with a ruptured ovarian cyst and lower right quadrant pain. Fun right? Bed rest was recommended, but NO set date or time. All depends on how my body feels.  Well the next day was a Professional Development day at school - I thought it would be a good test of how I would do at school.  It was definitely too much.  I was super sore and exhausted by the time I got home. I slept the rest of the day and took Friday off.  As of now - I am feeling better and plan on taking the weekend easy.  I kind of want to go and try CrossFit and see how I do...or go for a run.  Hopefully this awesome IV bruise is gone by tomorrow :)



  1. Holy Crap! I hope you're feeling better. I suffered from ovarian cysts really badly in my 30's. I am pretty sure I had one rupture and didn't realize it. The pain was almost unbearable so I can totally sympathize! I probably should have gone to the hospital but I took some naproxen and went back to bed instead. Not smart. I ended up having endometriosis. Had a laparoscopy and got it all cleaned up. It seems to have helped.

    1. I am feeling lots better - still really sore in the area, but I can walk fully now. Haven't tried running yet so we shall see haha :) Yes, I have to go see the doctor this week for some follow ups and see what the next step is! Good to know someone else who has been through it!