Friday, October 5, 2012

Pumpkins & Food & Pyrex Oh My

I LOVE October!! It's the beginning of fall, football is really going and Halloween is coming! I LOVE Halloween!! I tried to plan a day for the girls to get together and carve pumpkins, but couldn't do it, so I plan on doing it myself!! October is also the start of the best time of year for me in regards to my life because this is the time of year most of the BIG holidays come so I get to see my family at least once a month from here till the end of the year. And now with Princess being here I get to see them in October too! I can't wait to celebrate her FIRST birthday!!! AND double bonus is this year Mama Dukes, SIL and I are having a NYC girls weekend in October!! This is going to be an AWESOME end to an already fabulous year! 2012 has been a great year for me - job, health, life - I'm anxious to see what happens from here :)

So how stinking cute is she? And her outfit? I need a baby in my life haha! Not really, but the day it happens it's a wrap!!! I feel like a million people are having babies right now...I can't seem to keep up!! One of my friends told me the other day that I was "the last one standing" haha. Makes me laugh how concerned people are with my life in that sense...I promise ya'll -- I will be ok :)

Paleo Update, Weight Loss & Food :)
So, I've officially decided that I am going to be changing to a Paleo lifestyle more so then not.  Yes, I will have cheat days, some ice cream once in a blue moon, and my cherry vodka haha! But I feel 100% better then I have in a long time.  I LOVE seeing the progress of my body and how things are changing. The Paleo Challenge has been great! I've had some cheats (and already told ya'll about them haha) but I can still feel the changes.  I'm down 10 lbs. I am sleeping better, lifting better, etc. 

With that being said...this makes the totally weight loss since EVERYTHING started last January (2011) a total of 50lbs!! Pretty fabulous!!  Yes, I know its a long time but I've kept it off and that is what matters.  I started with Weight Watchers, then trained with Steph, now I have CrossFit and running plus Paleo :)  Now with CrossFit, my size and shape are changing but not my weight and I really am ok with it.  I have about 15 lbs I'd like to still lose to hit my "goal" weight, but I am really happy with my size and how I look.  I love my curves and don't plan to be a stick.

Food - this week I made some random new types of  food.  I had not gone shopping so I just took what I had in my fridge and threw it together.  Chicken, spinach, can of diced peppers, onions and tomato puree.  I have to say that I was pretty happy with how it came out.  The dish is SUPER good!!

On the other side I have roasting some Acorn Squash on the left and some Cocoa Cauliflower on the right (check out WellFed). These were both new things for me but they both are really good too!!



Since I've been cooking so much and trying to change my life in the meal way.  Here is what I've done.  Jill posted a deal on Pyrex so I treated myself.  For $40 I got 22 pieces - all different sizes! I am excited to get rid of my plastic pieces.  I may keep a few for the deal of having something else just in case, but I am SO stoked for my pyrex!!


That is all for now!!I have a new schedule I'm trying with running and CrossFit, I'll post about it this weekend! I wish I was getting to head to Columbus for Homecoming Weekend - all my favs are going, but at least I have Mama Dukes coming up tonight for a fun weekend of Fall Festivals and Craft shows :)

What's your fun weekend plans?


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