Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Guest Post -- Tricia's Paleo Thoughts - I'm Not Alone :)

Eating Paleo, it’s easier than you think. Real Food that’s great for you and taste awesome at that! No lie J
When I decided to sign up for the 30 day Paleo challenge, I was a little skeptical of a couple things. I was skeptical as to whether A) I could make it through 30 days with NO dairy (no cheese, no creamer for my coffee, no icing) or Alcohol (wine!) and B) how much would it REALLY change my body physically and in strength.
Well, I made it through the 30 days and I have to say it was so much easier than I anticipated and I think it’s easier than people think. Granted, I was pretty much a “healthy eater” to begin with, but I really believe once you get into the routine and habit of something, it becomes easier and easier to conquer. I am/WAS a cheese on everything type of gal as well as light creamer and splenda in my coffee type of gal so to prep myself for the challenge, I weaned myself off those things slowly the week before the challenge. I know drink my coffee black (or with a little bit of almond milk in the morning) and have not had a piece of cheese in who knows how long.
My #1 goal for this challenge was to make it through the 30 days, and I surely made it. My goal wasn’t necessarily weight loss but to see and feel the effects of eating Paleo for 30 days even after I already was pretty much a “healthy eater”. Well I made it through the 30 days and I did lose some weight and lean out and I feel healthier/stronger than I did as a previous healthy eater. I even let these thighs of mine make some appearances in spandex shorts! I swore to myself I would never/could never wear those things!
I didn’t think it too difficult sticking to the food guidelines for the Paleo challenge because that was the only food I kept in the house. So if it wasn’t in the house, I couldn’t eat it… Out of sight, out of mind…The second week, I did (as some of you on FB saw my post) get a sweet tooth that I needed help to eat something Paleo that would satisfy the craving! By the end of the 2nd week, it was back to smooth sailing. I walked past the isles of sweets, junk and Halloween candy galore with (practically) no problem. There is pumpkin beer and Sangria in my fridge that I didn’t even touch.

I loved the 30 day challenge. However, I wish I kept a journal about it as I went along just to see the changes/difference/improvements from day to day.  I am curious to know what my actual body fat was when I started and on day 30. I felt and noticed a difference in the way I physically felt and in my actual appearance with in a week. I also was happy with my CF WOD’s for the most part, I did have some faster WOD times and heavier lifts and I hope for those to get better from here!  I also wish I would have explored more recipes, but I was just impressed that I cooked and baked all my meals!! I never cooked too much before the challenge. However, I kept it simpler and cooked the same stuff in bulk (switching up spices or meats or veggies a little).
I’m going to stick to it for the most part. I might add in a couple things here and there OR might add one day a week (if need be) to “cheat”. And by cheat that might be an alcoholic beverage or a taste of a dessert etc. Something minor and not over indulging. The next 30 day challenge I would love to take this a step further and eat very strick Paleo!

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