Friday, May 3, 2013

Did You Miss Me?

Happy Sunday loves! What a week! Sorry for the disappearance last week. It was testing week at school and that took a lot out of me. Makes for a very draining and not so fun week. This month is going to be nuts like that anyways. Was gone this weekend, home next then Boston for regionals and Cali to see DA. First weekend in June is Tough Mudder too - obviously I'm not able to run, but I'm going to support!

Weeky Fitness Recap
Monday - CrossFit - AirForce WOD -- I ended up just doing half of each movement (so 10) and burpees (2) but kept the weight -65#
Tuesday - CrossFit - snatch work - 15 rounds - 1 Power Snatch + 5 burpees -- KICKED MY BUTT haha
Wednesday - Rest

Thursday - strict press - 75# 2x6,1x4 -- no metcon. Ankle was sore - however I did get my first ring hold -- I've NEVER been able to hold myself up before. I kind of squealed when I did it haha :)

And that was it for last week and workouts. I had Physical Therapy Mon., Weds. and Friday. Its getting harder, but i know thy means I'm doing better. The balancing stuff sucks the most.

Friday after school I came home and got ready to head south for my friend Joe's wedding. We worked together at Fleet Feet Knoxville. I got into Knoxville late Friday and Mama Dukes grabbed me. Everyone but Broski was asleep when I got to their house. I was exhausted so hit the bed. Woke up Saturday to Princess and Tank playing. Got to hang with them a little bit before heading to meet BFFAW to head to Lookout mountain for the wedding.

We had an adventurous drive. It rained the whole time. When we got to the mountain there was a bike race going on. As we tried to go up we were stopped. There was a cyclist down, and it was bad. Being that we both bike, it definitely reminded us how lucky we are and how quickly it could change. We found an alternate way (thank goodness for iPhones). We also looked at houses and just enjoyed out time catching up.

Once at Fairyland Club - we got to catch up with Megs and Eric.

Ali was in the wedding so after the ceremony we got to catch up with her too!
These people are amazing. I meet them all from working at Fleet Feet Knoxville. That store changed my life. It gave me running, cycling and triathlons. It gave me such an awesome group of people in my life. People who are like family. The type of relationships that even if we don't talk frequently, when we do its like an instant connection. It was a beautiful wedding, even with the weather.

I got back to Knoxville about 10. Tank was still up so I got to watch the end of X-Men with him before he went to bed. Woke up and snuggled quickly with the kiddos!

This morning Mama Dukes and I got on the road early. Girls are with us too - thankfully to be taking them home with me!

Once I get home it's grocery shopping and maybe a little walk to stretch out and move the ankle some.

How was your weekend?
Is May a crazy month for you too?



  1. I've been MIA too! Must have been a long week for all of us! I love your dress.... You look gorgeous girl!

    1. THANKS lovey!! I still need to come steal your kiddos for a movie night haha :)

  2. Yes, crazy weeks here too with school finishing and spring finally arriving! :) Great workouts and fun weekend.

    1. I wish school was almost done here -- we go till June (21st for kiddos and 24th for me). But YAY Spring being here :)

  3. We are doing state testing too. It is killing me. I am looking at my to-do list for toady. It is already 9:15, I have to be at work at 7am and I still have 3 things to do. It just cant all get done during testing weeks.

    1. Girl - and we do it for 3 weeks (different grades each week) which means we are on lock down. SUCKS!