Friday, May 10, 2013

Guess What I Did?!?

Hello Loves!  Hope you're having a good Friday! It's the end of the week. We made it. Another week closer to the end of the school year.  The kids are off the hook right now.  OFF THE HOOK.  They are done testing, but other grades are still testing so we are on lock down.  This means I have the SAME kids ALLLLLLLLLL day. I love my kiddos, I do.  But a FULL day of them is killing me. One more week.  Then back on schedule.  I just try and remember that even on my bad days, I really do LOVE my job and these crazy kids.
So guess what I did yesterday? No, I didn't get any answers yet on everything going on in my life. No, nothing major with DA.  I RAN! Yes, you read that right. I ran!
From Wodify
Seven weeks after breaking my ankle I ran.  I am coming back! Now, it was ONLY 200 meters, but still it was a run.  It felt like a marathon haha. The PT said it was ok.  I've gotten a lot of movement back in my ankle.  I still have a lot to do and get better at, but I'm coming along. I also got bumped up to the green about 2-3 weeks ago and I'm slowly moving up to the blue band too!! I ran as part of my warm-up for the WOD.  I also did the whole WOD - all 3 rounds, all 3 rows and instead of box jumps (which may be out indefinitely) I did step ups. 
That WOD kicked my ASS. Pardon the language but I was dying.  I am way out of cardio shape haha. This is SO true - lifting is my favorite! I always amaze myself with my lifts. Like last night - the hexbar for 3 - I did 185#.  I could have gone heavier but we ran out of time.  I was excited! Wish I had some video. It felt great to be that exhausted.  I needed that for my heart. It felt fabulous! After our WOD (since I'm not cleared for OLY class yet, hopefully next week because I really miss it. Oh and my OLY coach got Bronze at the Junior Worlds in C&J.  He's a beast!) Jilly and I went and got some food and caught up.  I needed that. I've really, really missed her.

DA is good. He's had a crazy week and we have not gotten to talk much.  Last night after that WOD and dinner, I was exhausted and passed out.  I know I talked to him, but I really don't remember much of our conversation ha. Two weeks from today I'll be out there! Can't wait! I need a little mini vacation from my life. Plus, I really can't wait to see his's been so long.

Any fun weekend plans?



  1. awesome job girl! You are so close to the end of the school year, just hold on!

    1. ha I'm trying girl -- couple more weeks :)

  2. CONGRATS!!! ❤ 200 meters is still an accomplishment! You go girl!! So proud of you!

    1. haha I knew if anyone got it - you would! Thanks love <3