Thursday, May 16, 2013

Off to Boston

Hello Loves! Hope you're doing well this wonderful Friday evening! I am currently in the car with Rachel, Allie and Kate on our way to North East Regionals for the CrossFit Games!

I am super excited! I know I tell y'all all the time about CrossFit and especially my box - CrossFit Aspire, but this has saved me and given me a whole new outlook on life. Alycia and Justin changed my life and not just fitness. My health has obviously completely changed. I'm in the best shape I've been in since high school. Hell I may weigh more now then I did them by about 25# but I can tell you now I'm WAY stronger. Heck I'm 8 weeks since I broke my ankle and about 5-6 weeks ahead of recovery schedule - just got to get the movement back.

Back to my main point - my healthy, my self confidence, my attention to nutrition (and wanting to learn more/figure out what works for me), and my friendships in New Jersey have all changed. I'm coming up on my one year mark and what better way to celebrate then by volunteering my time to regionals!

We have about two hours to go! Going to be a late arrival and a LONG day tomorrow; however, I'm stoked!! I am volunteering all day tomorrow - so is Jake from my box - Saturday and Sunday am. Plus hanging with some of my box favs at night - and downtown Boston on Saturday night (first time)!

Anyone else going to be here or going to watch/work a regionals event?



  1. Live blogging. Love it. I'm in the car....feel like I'm never getting out. Excited for tomorrow!!

  2. i wish i was going with all of you crazy people!! please make sure you enjoy yourself!!!