Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Passion is....

Hello Loves! Happy Hump Day! Only two more days till I'm in CALI to see my DA! I can't wait!! Today marks Day 3 for Joi's Mini Blog Challenge. I missed Day 1, but you can see Day 2 here.  Today we are to write about our passion....I have a bunch of them but I feel as though a lot of folks want more information on CrossFit -- and I clearly have a passion for that :)

I'll discuss terms, why I started, why I think you should try it and what's next for my CrossFit life :)

First, lets cover some basics -- we have certain terms (I'll only cover the three main ones):
  • Box - this is our "gym"'s where we train. Most boxes were started in old garages or warehouses so you can get the term quickly from that

  • WOD - Workout of the Day -- these can be set up a little different depending on the box - we do skill work, OLY work, Strength then our metcon and some times an after party of extra skill
  • AMRAP -- As Many Rounds As Possible -- basically get as much work done as you can in a certain amount of time
Those are the three main ones you should know about. Our WODs are typically for time or AMRAPs. It is fabulous! Now - why did I start CrossFitting?!? Hmmmm good question. I honestly don't remember what started it for me.  I remember google'ing boxes in my area and found CrossFit Aspire.  I contacted Alycia for my first free class. I went and died....Justin came over, eating something out of a bowl and as I laid dying on the ground said "This is what we do everyday - welcome to CrossFit". I went home and was HOOKED! This week marks my One Year CrossFit Anniversary!
There are 9 Foundational Movements --> (back squat was 8 weeks ago due to broken ankle so will be lower now)
Clean - 6/22/12 1x2 @85 -- 12/18/12 1x3 @115
Back Squat - 5/29/12 1x5 @115 -- 3/11/13 3x6 @150
Front Squat - 9/10/12 1x3 @105 -- 3/13/13 1x3 @135
OHS -- this we don't really just do - it's typically with something - I got 80 two weeks before break
Push Press - 7/18/12 1x3 @80 -- 3/2/13 1x3 @115
Press (aka should press or strict press) - 6/19/12 1x3 @70 -- 5/1/13 3x6 @ 70
Jerk - 10/25/12 1x3 @ 95 -- 5/13/13 8x3 @ 95
Deadlift - 5/19/12 1x5 @ 115 -- with broken ankle fresh out of boot 4/25/13 (my bday) 3x3 @155
Sumo Deadlift High Pull - I've only done this with KB - I know I've gone up haha
I've done well.  I have a LONG way to go, but it's all about the progress.  In my opinion that is the beauty of CrossFit. There really isn't an end's all about making forward progress and always chasing something new. You won't PR every time, and some days you won't be able to hit your last PR that day.  You will go on, and you will be better.  If we PR'ed EVERY time, would it still be challenging? Even over the last 9 weeks (yes, 9 weeks ago today I broke my ankle coming down off the rope/box combo I was working with) I have PR'ed and improved. Even the 5 weeks of unweighted annoyance, I made progress.  If you want it, it is there for you to take!
Now why should you do it? That's easy.  The barbell will change your life.  The community will become like a second family to you. The life will take you over.  You'll want to do more, not just at the box, but in your life. I promise you, it is worth it.  No, it's not for everyone and I get that.  But I bet 95% of y'all would be changed by it.  Expensive...yes. A BIG commitment...yes. But most importantly....LIFE CHANGING....HELL YES!
Now fun news and a BIG announcement.  I have decided to get my CrossFit Level 1 certification.  I will be doing it either in June or July. DO I have a lot of room to improve, yes.  Can I do all the movements yet, NO. I can't do a pull up without assistance, I can't do toes-to-bar or muscle ups (I could go on with other stuff to but you get it). But I can explain the movements and break things down.  I love coaching. I love working with people. Most importantly, I LOVE CrossFit.  I want to share my PASSION with others :)
What's your passion? Have your tried CrossFit?


  1. Love the first day of CF story. If Justin was eating, I'm betting it was Saturday morning at 8 or 9 am :)

    1. haha it was a Saturday morning - don't remember what time - sounds so normal now :)

  2. Wow. I've never tired Cross Fit. I seems pretty intense. I have a couple of friends who does it and every time we get together, they're sore. lol. It is on my "things to try one day" list. Thanks for sharing your passion.

    1. Hope - you should TOTALLY try it out! It is awesome! :)

  3. You know I'm salivating at this post. I always enjoy your recaps. This is an excellent breakdown and I understand better now. Few questions: can I do this like twice a week..Monday and Thursday. I really need something diff on those days but I'm not sure if that would be alright and working it in with my other workouts. Also, how expensive would twice a wek be? Pls tweet me or something when you get to answer this.

    Congrats on moving to the cert level. I'm sure you'll be abreast coach!

    1. You can do it twice a week -- a lot of boxes have 2xweek, 3xweek and unlimited plans from what I can find. The price would change depending on where you are and the box closest to you and their prices. And thanks! You've helped me want to get there! :)