Friday, May 24, 2013

DIY - I need to make some shirts

Hello Loves! Happy Happy Friday and also happy day I get to go see my DA in just a few short hours! How amazing is that! Today makes Day 5 of the Mini Blog Challegne by Joi. I missed the first day but you can see Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4. I been having fun doing this.  Lots of fun people to find and more stuff to learn about. Today is suppose to be a DIY project.  Is it bad that I say I've never really done a major one.  I have a TON that I WANT to do...but haven't been able to. 
diy workout tank top 1 DIY Workout Tank Top
So instead - I'm redirecting you to Lindsay, my bloggy friend's blog and her instructions for making an old shirt into a workout tank! I have a bunch of old shirts I need to get to work on. PS for a bonus - if you want to try something fun this week -- check out her Foodie Penpals - I'm going to do it.  Maybe you can even be my partner!

As I am sitting here with my heat on my ankle - yay physical therapy.  My doctor said NOTHING but school for a week so we are just doing heat, stretching stuff and then he's going to work on it some. I just want to be back to 100%.  I'm not even sure where I am right now -- 80% maybe?!? In the past few days, my ankle has ached more then it has pretty much ever.  I think it's because of the rain.  You know people who say they can tell it's going to rain because of an old injury/break.  I'm scared I'm going to be that person.

Since I couldn't WOD yesterday or Wednesday, I made some good dinners.  Chicken with Italian seasoning, green beans and half a cup of brown rice. YUM. I love eating cleaning. Always makes me feel better; however, I am SO nervous for tonight that I really wanted ice cream/froyo/anything sweet yesterday. I can't believe the day is here. I'll fill you in 100% on the whole DA thing after the weekend.  First, I need to see him and figure us out.
Ok so now for some major bad news.  I have lost my position for next year.  My district is going through some major stuff so about 300 teachers got a RIF notice, me being one.  I've not said much on here yet, because I'm trying to figure it out.  My principal says he thinks he can get me back come August, but I don't know.  Right now I'm covering my bases and looking at jobs back home in Tennessee, Ohio and California.  All I ask if prayers, good vibes and happy thoughts.  It will all work out right :)
Final thought - like yesterday, make sure you're following me on Bloglovin, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!! Always love having new people to share things with! Tweet me and let me know. I love finding new people to interact with.  Also, I'm still trying to revamp my Blog -- Jilly suggested Lifting Love for my title...I like it...a lot...still seeing if anyone else has anything so let me know!
Have you done a DIY project?


  1. Sorry about your ankle. What a great idea to send us to someone who can DIY. Lol. Love that work out shirt. I'll say a prayer concerning your job situation. Hope everything works out for you.

  2. Have fun in CA! I want to make a shirt...great referral to Lindsay's. I actully finally did my first foodie penpal this month so I'll be posting next week :)

    Make sure you take that week off as the doctor instructed. I loved getting a glimpse of you IRL kind of, lol. #MBC