Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 1 at Regionals is DONE :)

Hello Loves! Day 1 is in the books at CrossFit Games North East Regionals! Honestly, I had a BLAST today. I meet some amazing people today, got to watch some totally inspiring athletes and make some great contacts incase I ever switch more into social media/marketing/PR. I can't say how many people told me today to switch over -- totally need to check it out. Social media/marketing/PR sounds like something I could do - for CrossFit or Reebok. Totally game for that - or running like Brooks or Saucony ;)

Matt Fraser OHS 305#

Matt Fraser did a set of 3 OHS of 305#! It was amazing. Danielle Horan did 200# - she was amazing! I've never been so inspired to get back to 100% and at it.

Overall -- I'm amazed at how awesome it is in person. I really hope I can do the games sometime! Overall here is who finished top -- I stole it from CFG North East Region twitter

Where you there today?
Or your region's event?



  1. You should definitely think about doing social media pr , it sounds perfect for you! That crossfit event looks amaze!

    1. Thanks girl -- I will be looking into it! And it was AMAZING! Still in awe!

  2. No, but it sounds so exciting. Learned alot about social media pr this weekend at the SITS boot camp. Probably would be an excellent move for you.