Thursday, May 9, 2013

Changes Coming

Joe & Me
Hello loves! Hope y'all are having a great day! Been a good week so far! Still catching up from being out of town all weekend.  PS the picture to the right is me and Joe, the groom, at the wedding.  So happy for him!
Me & Peanut

Mama Dukes is already gone. We did dinner with the family Monday night at Don Pablos. I got to see Aunt Tracey & Jerry, Cuzzo & Dollface and Ash & Peanut.  It was a good time. I had not seen any of them since the weekend after I broke my ankle. It was good to catch up and see how everything was with everyone.  Cuzzo is loving his new job so that's awesome! I'm hoping him and Dollface get preggo soon!! She's going to be a SUPER cute preggo lady! After dinner Dollface & Cuzzo, Ashley & Peanut and I went to Target.  I FINALLY got a George Foreman.  It was on sale! I also picked up some Chobani bites - 2 for $4 which means 8 100cal cups and some new sparkling water - cherry limeade and strawberry lemonade. Always love finding new things! Especially at Target :)

Also, I started a 90-day challenge. ViSalus shakes for two times a day. They are actually really good -- I use almond milk, frozen fruit and ice.  FABULOUS! So let's back up and talk -- I gained weight during my ankle mess. Not a lot, but enough I'm not happy.  I'm got back up to 180#. I'm down 2lbs already, which is fabulous.  My goal weight use to be 150-155#. Not that was before I started CrossFit. Now, I would love to be 150-155#, but I'm more concerned with getting stronger and faster. Stronger so my lifts get better and my technique gets on point. Faster so my running gets better, maybe hit my goal 2:30 half PLUS my metcons will get faster. I tell you -- all I want is to get better.

Tuesday's WOD was not able for me to do -- I'm having issues with my right hip. I can't squat -- I think I may have pushed it a little to far that first week.  I did the workout to the right.  I really am enjoying writing my own workouts.  I wish I knew more and could figure out how to pair things together!  I did do some jumping on Tuesday and it didn't bother my ankle at all.Allie did some work on it Tuesday night -- it feels a lot better.  She did some type of release thing on it. I need her to do it again tonight too!!

Now if I could just get back to running.  I miss it.  A lot.  Slowly but surely I'm getting better every day.  I'll be back eventually.  Got to just keep doing what I'm doing!

Also - I have had some stuff happen - I'm not sure I really want to put it on here yet, but I will ask that you think about me and pray for guidance for me.  I have to figure some stuff out.

PS I get to see DA in 2 weeks! I can NOT wait! :)



  1. I can't wait to see you come back better than ever! :)

  2. The pics are adorable. The Foreman still reigns supreme, enjoy that. I will be interested to hear your results from the Visalus challenge. I was approached to do the opportunity 2 & 1/2 years ago, kinda wished I had joined. Good luck with it.

    1. I am really excited for that Foreman -- I am anxious to see what I can cook on it! I am interested to see how it goes too -- I more really want to lose the fat then the weight ya know?

  3. So funny I worked at Don Pablos in HS and college, but they don't have any around here.
    Cannot wait for you to be able to get back to running.

    1. Girl me too!!! Ready to get back to it!