Saturday, July 21, 2012

Can I do 6 miles?

Look look - two days in a row! Be proud :)

Yesterday's blog was a little long and a lot of pictures.  Sad for you I don't have loads of pictures again, but I have some updates on today!  After work last night (and updating my blog) I went to the Acme to get my grocery shopping done.  Funny how life changes - who would have ever thought I would be grocery shopping on a Friday night instead of going out for a drink or three!  Anyways, they were having a special on meat and I needed to stock up.  Now, since I am not the best with meat yet this also equalled me calling my Mama to get some advice! Lots of good meat later, plus I FINALLY found coconut & walnut oil, I am good to go for a couple more days.  Need to grab some fresh produce this week from Springdale Farms.  That place has quickly become a HUGE favorite for me since most of it is locally grown and very fresh!

This morning started with a FABULOUS 6 mile run with the Half Marathon program I am helping coach through Fleet Feet Marlton! We really have a great group of people! I only had one person in my interval group today and she was really fun to get to know her better and talk about her journey.  She has had a fabulous weight loss journey and started running with our No Boundaries group.  I am hoping I can help talk her into coaching the NoBo group this fall for Mike. (This is in hope that I can get the 10K program started.)

After my run - I went home and gave myself a quick mani before grabbing a shower and heading over to CF Aspire to meet the one girl I don't know on my team for tomorrow and practice some of the lifts and see what weight we are going to do.  Obviously, we are not going to do it as scribed but will have to scale it.  I feel a little better after going over some of the stuff, but still very nervous for what is about to happen tomorrow.  Be on the look out for that blog! Ha - here is a link to what we have to do -- it is called Test Your Metal!!

After that I came to FF Marlton and had a fun day. Now I am going to head over to Ush's house to celebrate her birthday with my Jerz loves before crashing early for tomorrow!! Keep your fingers crossed and a little prayer for me :)

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