Friday, July 27, 2012

It's Getting Hot In Here

Where to start - I ended my last blog with a quest to set a new PR at CrossFit that night and I DID!!! I have a new weight of 125# for Back Squat x5 and I'm more stoked bc it was 115# and my x3 was 130# so I am definitely getting stronger! I just wish I could get to the gym more.  Someone last night asked me why I do CF and I said it was easy.  I LOVE it! I love the community of CrossFit, the fact that even though you are built up because of the people around you, you are never beating anyone but YOURSELF!! I have done things I never thought I would.  I can almost do a full push (pretty freaking cool!!).

School life is a little crazy - CC has shut down a couple more schools, I think four.  I am not sure what will happen to those teachers or students yet, but I am under the impression that I am still ok for the '12-'13 school year :)

Last night we had our Pub Run with Fleet Feet Marlton.  It was a good time! We had originally cancelled the run part since it was so hot, but people came up ready to run so we had some good runners for a 3 & 4 mile option. The new runner helped me push myself and we had a good pace! Upping my mileage is going to be easier having more people to run with and hopefully our Thursday night group runs get bigger! After the run, we went to Champps for some drinks and a appetizer or two :)

Ok - so with it almost being August, I have made the decision to have NO Wawa! BIG deal right?!? MAJOR! I am not sure I can go a full month without Wawa, but I seriously HAVE to get my nutrition under control. I mean I really only go to Wawa for fountain Diet Coke, but I also have a slight addiction to their plain bagels w/butter.  I really want to use August as a month for me to better my nutrition level and expand my education! It will be the lightest month for me in turns of work schedule, which will give me more time to train with CF and more time to get cooking and trying things.  Mom is bringing me her food processor this weekend so that will be fun too! I think I will also invest in a blender for morning smoothies and protein shakes, any suggestions?

Thankfully Alycia put out this post - - yesterday and I really know I have to change things!  I have pushed myself to where I am now, but now I need to get to the next goal! Please keep me in check and ask about things!

Between twitter and you guys, I need to be held accountable! I have to get better at cooking my meals and eating healthier/smarter! The goal weight was originally 150-155 lbs. and a size 8-10, but right now I just want to get healthier, stronger and faster. Since last January - I am down 30#s and two pant sizes! I am enjoying the journey and can't wait to hit some more goals! What are yours?

Well, with all that - I am looking forward to this weekend. Tonight I get to see most of my Jersey loves!! Tomorrow the FFM half marathon program is going out for a new record of 7 miles for our long run, then hopefully I will make the 10 am CF class.  On top of that Mama Dukes is coming up for a beach day at the Jersey shore :)
xoxo M

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