Sunday, July 22, 2012

Can we do it? Yes we can!

Where to begin?!? What a FABULOUS day! Let me first thank these two people....

Alycia & Justin from CrossFit Aspire -- they have become my biggest pushers with the new change in my life aka CrossFit.  They push me to do things I never thought that I could. Which brings us to today and my first CrossFit competition.  It was a team competition and CF Aspire brought 7 teams - and all teams ROCKED it!!

WOD #1 - 50yd Burpee Relay followed by 100 Hang Power Cleans -- we did it at 65#s.  AMRAP in 10 minutes. We really did well - we split into Shelley & Brooke, Melissa & me! We got through two rounds and I felt good. The Burpee Relay was a good time. I honestly enjoyed it.  By the end of the Hang Power Cleans, I felt as though I actually got the movement a little better! The pop seemed to come easier to me. I am looking forward to getting stronger at this lift!

Team Melissa :)

WOD #2 - 50yd Partner Carry, 100 Front Squats at 65#s, 50 yd partner carry, 100 box jumps - AMRAP in 10 minutes! Now while front squating and box jumping two people on the team had to hold a 15# plate above their head.  We actually made it through fully once and started the next partner carry! We really surprised ourselves on this one as we didn't think we would get through the box jumps! The Front Squats were a lot better then I thought. We moved through them well. The box jumps really got my achilles going. Had to be careful there since I have to run :)

WOD #3 - 25 sit ups (heels together & knees down), 20 Sumo DeadLift HighPull with Kettlebell (1 pood - I was very geeked for that part), 15 burpees & a row for 10 calories! This was actually the hardest for me as you just kept going. NO break.  Burpees you had to jump up onto a plate instead of jump up and clap! The Sumo DeadLift HighPull I started with the 1 pood and on the second round I was going to switch to a light weight but she (my judge) told me NO, you already started with the big one and you looked strong the first time, you have to finish.  When I was telling Justin about it later, he told me once you start with a weight, it is yours, you OWN it.

The workout was fabulous but more importantly I really just enjoyed getting to know more members from my gym.  I don't know a lot of people at my gym yet, but after today I really feel as though I have more friends. I have blisters in places on my hands I wasn't quite sure you could get blisters.  9 new non-popped blisters and a couple rubs mid hand.  I learned new tricks and really got my hang power cleans down. I am anxious to see how sore I am tomorrow. My hips and arms are TIGHT! I passed on the team outing at Pour House because I honestly didn't think I could get up haha!

Now I am looking forward to getting into the gym more and really pushing myself to the next level!

On that note - night friends :)


  1. my body hurts just thinking about doing all that. haha So proud of you Melis!! <3