Tuesday, July 31, 2012

You'll Wish You'd Started Today

Ok, so today is the LAST day of July - it's the end of a lot  for me.  I want to give up diet coke and Wawa.  Now mind you, the only time I go to Wawa is for fountain diet coke or if I'm running late and need a bagel.  August is a new start for me - tomorrow marks the start of me commiting to this 100%.  This being training way more at CrossFit Aspire (hopefully I'll be able to start getting up in the mornings haha) and getting my nutrition better under control (more Paleo w/some clean eating and less crap). I tried to start last night - for the first time in my life I made real bacon (yes, from a pig and not turkey).

More importantly - I made Paleo banana bread!! Now you can find the recipe here --> http://paleomg.com/banana-bread-french-toast/ -- it was FANTASTIC!! I could not wait till this morning to try it. I even brought in some for Mr. G (our physical education teacher) who has joined the CrossFit world and who's wife is slowly moving their family more paleo :)  He said it was really good too!  Juli (Paleomg.com) is one of my FAVORITE blogs as she is soooo funny and has some great recipes.

My CrossFit time has been slacking as I am seriously struggling in getting up in the mornings.  I remember a time in HS like this too and my anemia was really acting up.  I am looking to go to the doctor to get checked out to see what we can do.  As much as I don't want to go back on the major iron pills, I am sick of being exhausted. I get enough sleep so I know that is not it.

August is also bringing me more #plankaday fun - I started with not being able to do 30 seconds, now I am up to 1:38.  I am hoping to get to 2:30 by end of August.  Fingers crossed :)

Here is a good picture to explain how I feel during planks haha

August is also bringing with it a chance for me to go back to Knoxville and see my family.  Tank's birthday is coming up on the 16th and I am looking forward to celebrating his 8th birthday with him on the 11th.  He sent me a pretty cool invitation -->

We are going bowling.  He has a little friend from KY that is coming down to visit him too and he doesn't know yet.  He's going to be very excited.  I am also excited to see Ms. O since she is pulling up and standing now.  Plus she is CRAWLING!! Such a big girl! Bonus is she takes after her awesome Aunite M which just makes me love her that much more :)  I've already talked to Johnny from CrossFit Knoxville about training with them when I am home!

Running is going great - I love being back to doing it as much as I do.  I am looking forward to ROCKING the Philly Half Marathon in September with my half marathon group.  They are really getting better. Plus, I have to start setting up a plan for my Disney Full Marathon in January. Can't believe I have signed up for a FULL again. I must be crazy haha

That is all for now.  I will leave you with this

Keep an eye on the blog and see how I do with my changes! What are you changing?

xoxo -- Melissa

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