Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rest Day

Happy Rest Day guys :)

They joy of Sunday for me is it is a semi-rest day for me.  Saturday is my long run day with my Fleet Feet Marlton half marathon group. We did 7 miles and my interval girls did great!! We started with a 3:1 and ended with a 2:1.  The biggest challenge for them is breaking the mental part that comes with running longer and getting yourself ready for half or full marathons. They are getting better about breaking through those boarders.  I am thankful to be able to help them and give my advice and opinions.  I enjoy helping people become runners and seeing them get better at something they did not think they could do.  The weather held out for us, which was great because within an hour of being done it was a down poor! Very hot and humid, but not bad overall!

The view from my front door.

So as I stated in Friday's blog - mama dukes came up to see me this weekend.  I didn't end up getting to meet up with her Friday after work since I went to Dollface's for girls night and to give a mini baby shower to Ms. JW.  So the original plan for Saturday was my long run with the group then CrossFit and head down to the beach.  But that did not happen!

The run took my girls a little longer then originally planned and our CEP Compression rep was still at the store so I skipped CF and stayed to listen to the rep.  Thankfully I did.  The rep introduced a new product for them - an achilles brace.  For those who don't know, in May of 2010 I got a slight tear on my left achilles.  I think it was just from over training and now being 100% smart about what I was doing. Anyways, 2 years later I still have issues and pain so obviously I was very interested in this product. Our rep was cool enough to offer to let me have hers as long as I promise to give her some information and reviews (and obviously share with ya'll too).

Obviously, sticking around for the meeting was a smart idea and I got a great BONUS! At that point I waited on mom to come to the apt to pick me up.  The traffic on the way down to the shore was MISERABLE and took forever, but I refused to get stressed over it as we can't change it.  Once we actually got down there - it was BEAUTIFUL
I had a great time with my family and enjoyed getting to spend time with everyone. Next time though I am packing my OWN cooler of food and snacks as I ate like complete crap!  We didn't get to do the Boardwalk in North Wildwood as by the time we got showered and ready to go back down it was raining and storming pretty bad.  Ashley, John, Peanut, Mom & I ended up grabbing Five Guys (more not so good for you food but AMAZING food) for dinner and then mom & I headed back.  I have to say that mom and I have an amazing conversation on the way home.  I learned a lot about my mom, her & dad's start, her opinions on me adopting down the road and how she feels about me being single! It was a good time!

This is the last week of summer school and I am excited for that.  I am looking forward to No Wawa August.  I plan on taking August as a time to get to cooking and trying more stuff, giving up Diet coke (got to find a new drink or excuse DC when I have my cherry vodka) and getting a LOT more CrossFit in! Heading to make my meal plan for the week and training schedule.  Until next time

xoxo -

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