Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Half Marathon Group!

Just wanted to post a quick pic of my FANTASTIC Fleet Feet Marlton Half Marathon Group -- they are ROCKING it and I can't wait to run Philly with them :) Tonight was their first tempo run and they did a great job.  I'm very proud of how well they did. We did 5x1mins in the middle of our 3 miles.  We ran 1.5 miles out, did our tempos (which ps I ran the first two at 9:12, and the last 3 at 10:15 -- wootwoot) and ran the 1.5 miles back. I felt great and it seems that my girls did too!!  I really enjoy this group and can't wait to see them finish in Philly (or see them after they finish since they are faster then me haha).

This is after their first tempo run :)
Joel, me & Mike - Coaches

haha - I thought that could make everyone smile! Off to bed - CrossFit in the morning with Jill! I'll leave ya'll with this

xoxo - Melissa

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