Friday, November 16, 2012

Rest Day...What's that?!?

This quote seems to fit my life right now - with all the challenges in my job, sometimes I just have to remember that there is always tomorrow! I've been going pretty hard lately at the box and between that and just general life, I've been WIPED out!!  The other day, I sat down and looked at my training schedule (CrossFit & running) for the past few weeks....I had only taken one rest day out of 21 days and it was my NYC day! The lightbulb went off! So this is why I've been feeling a little crummy and run-down!

This past Sunday, after NYC I still went to the box. Monday - I literally could NOT get up that morning to meet Jill. My body was struggling so I made the note and put myself back in bed for an hour before I had to get up for school. Is it sad that the whole day I was bummed that I missed CF that morning. I felt like I skipped for no reason. With my schedule that day I couldn't get there in the evening for a normal class, but I got to catch the gymnastics class (which is really becoming one of my fav nights of the week)! Tuesday I meet Jill for our am class before heading to work, then off for speed work with Jen. (Total side note : Jen and I help a 9:30 pace for 3 quarters! With a little over a mile on either side of it!! AWESOME! We are getting faster!!!!) My leg was bugging me that morning - not my achilles (THANK GOODNESS) but my shin on the right leg.  By Tuesday am, I was really sore on my shin.  I decided that on Wednesday I was not going to do ANYTHING. A completely day off from CF & running. I rolled out my legs and lived in my amazing CEP compression socks (review coming soon). The concept of a full rest day was amazing! I have to let go of the thought that I am a bum if I take a day off! I'm pretty good at listening to my body, but maybe I need to force my body to just relax one day a week (can't promise this will happen, but I'll do my best!). I need a yoga studio to help with this! :)

Now, Thursday morning for CrossFit followed by my 3 miles in the evening felt SO much better!! I really noticed a difference.  My shin is bugging me again today, but I think with some more compression, ice & rolling therapy that it will be fine! I have a busy next two months with the Disney World Marathon on the end of those weeks!! Now is the time to really pick-up my training but also keep myself injury free and burnt-out free :)


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