Sunday, November 25, 2012

Showdown To Save The Shore

It's here!! Showdown to Save the Shore was today!! My box put on this event and I am SUPER stoked how much of a turn out they have. I had SUCH a good time with my Aspire friends! I really do love my box and all the people I have met from there. Above are some shots as people were getting there and getting signed in. Our WOD was 8 minutes -- 300m sprint row followed by AMRAP 5 pull-ups, 5 ring dips and 10 burpees.  I got to stay on my grey bands and a red band for the ring dips.

After we finished our WOD, we had skill stations to work -- clearly I still have a TON of skill stuff to work on -- 5 stations - as many wallballs in 3 minutes BUT they had to be unbroken and you had to hit the mark (we have stickers on our wall), L-sit on the rings, as many rope climbs in 3 minutes, as many unbroken muscle ups as possible and handstand holds! I got a minute on the handstand hold.  I could have held longer, but for every minute you did you have to do a handstand push-up and I don't have those yet. haha! Leah (in the black) got her first kick up handstand and held for 30 seconds. Jordana (who is also my gymnastics coach and the reason I could hold it for a minute) held it for I think somewhere around 5 minutes.  She's awesome!!

Also, Leah got her L-sit on the rings.  She kept saying that she couldn't do it.  But she totally did.  I have it on video too! Somehow I will figure how to get it up here!
In total, this event raised $2,000 for the Red Cross for Sandy Relief! AWESOME!!


  1. I'm so impressed! Did you enjoy going to Cross Fit with Carlos when you were in town? What did you think of the place he is going? I'd like to try it and I'm thinking of asking Chris for a gift certificate for Christmas.

    1. Girl - I enjoyed CrossFit Knoxville!! I know the guys that own that one too. They are great - totally check it out. I'll be home for 9 days in December. Maybe we can go together and WOD - your first class is free. :)