Monday, November 5, 2012

Month of Thanks - Day 5 - My girls :)

Day 5 - I am beyond thankful for my girls! Yes, I am one of those - I LOVE my girls.  Scarlet (the all black one) is my baby! Named after Ohio State - Scarlet Tressel. (I want a Pitbull boy named Brutus Meyer too haha). L.D., Little Dog (she's little haha), (my Boston) is my newer one.  They are both rescues.  Scarlet was thrown into a pitbull pit and left for dead, thankfully my friend's Pit is one of the best ever.  L.D. was found wondering down a road back home in TN.  After signs and looking around - nobody claimed her.  My mom's coworker gave her to us.  She has definitely had a hard life.  After lots of surgery and time, she is good.  A very happy dog - super quirky but good! They play very well together and I am thankful for the companionship and love.  Plus, Scarlet is the best running partner ever!! :)

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