Friday, November 2, 2012

Sweat Pink Ambassador :) BIG news!!!!  Through the support of all my AWESOME friends to blog more about my process of getting into shape and losing weight, and one in particular who doesn't want me to mention her - I am now an ambassador for Sweat Pink!!

Welcome to the Sweat Pink™ movement, where tough and girly come together at last. Sweat Pink™ is all about sharing the joy that comes from living a healthy lifestyle. It’s a celebration of hard work and well-earned rewards. Our pink shoelaces are a proud demonstration of all we’ve achieved, and all we plan to become.

I am looking forward to sharing my fitness goals and weight loss journey with others! I hope to help inspire someone else the way a lot of the other ambassadors I have come into contact with on twitter have done for me!!! I can't wait to connect with other ladies at events and make some friends along the way!!