Sunday, November 11, 2012

I was Hungry for 29 Years - Another Friend's Paleo View

Ok - this post comes from my CrossFit BFF Jilly! I love her and am beyond thankful for having her in my life! We work really well together and are great at pushing each other...funny how people think we are sisters or have known each other for ever. That's pretty fantastic - I asked her to write about her view on here you go :)

First off, Melissa is a total badass. She makes me do pull-ups AFTER CrossFit workouts and is the most positive person I’ve met in a long time. She asked me to write a “guest post” about my Paleo experience. Please don’t stop reading her blog if I use too many dirty words.

Special K, fat free yogurt, skim milk, brown rice. Until late last year, my pantry was a landmine of insulin-spiking foods. Today my fridge is brimming with spaghetti squash, egg foo young, Kerry Gold butter, breakfast casserole, roasted beets, and 43 35 pounds grassfed beef. Moo y’all.
So how’d that happen? While visiting friends I heard about this really cool gym that offered lung-busting workouts in a fun atmosphere. Enter CrossFit Aspire. I snapped up a Living Social deal for a few workouts and was hooked. One day I accidentally showed up for a nutrition seminar and learned Paleo 101.

But wait, I’m supposed to eat steak? And butter? I thought, “What the hell, I’ve tried all sorts of wacky things. At least I can eat bacon.” After a week, I wondered aloud if eating Paleo raises your body temperature because while I used to be constantly freezing cold – with my fingernails turning blue – I was now comfortable. Apparently that means my blood sugar had leveled off to a normal amount. Who knew?

Beyond not being cold (which is so amazing I could talk about it for hours), Paleo means I’m not hungry all the time. I’m eating foods that fill me up and are good for me. Before Paleo I posted a status on Facebook that said, “I am hungry every moment of everyday ever.” I remember it because I had about 50 likes and comments in 10 minutes. I was not alone. Now I want to find all those people and feed them shredded pork carnitas and avocado slaw.

My energy level, gut and strength has never been better. I can do things – like back squat 165 3x5, boo ya – that I never dreamed about before. And my stomach doesn’t rumble with hunger or distress.

I should also mention Paleo + CrossFit has helped me lose a decent amount of body fat and drop a couple clothing sizes. If I were braver I’d show you the photos – don’t try to convince me, it’s not happening. Haven’t lost any weight though (sorry people). In fact, I think I’ve gained 10 pounds over the last year. But I honestly don’t care. I’m focused on getting an unassisted pull-ups. And I’m going to do a wicked stupid happy dance when I do.
(FYI - She got that unassisted pull-up this past Saturday - insert her stupid happy dance - and my extreme happiness for her - hard work totally pays off!! KUDOS to my Jilly!! )


  1. You guys are the BEST!!! office has always been so cold to me. This nice man let me use his personal heater. It was that bad. I would play with the thermostat in my room to no avail. For awhile now, my office has been comfortable to me. Here...I thought they fixed the never connected that it could be the diet...hahaha. hello! Thanks for solving that mystery.

  2. Francine - I felt the same way. Here's a link to Steve's blog that goes beyond "duh, I'm not cold anymore," very informative.

    In other news, I'm toasty warm in my office right now and about to chow down on some Sausage and Kale. Life is good.