Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hot To Trot :)

After years, I was finally able to run the Hot To Trot 5K/10K in Knoxville put on by my old store - Fleet Feet Sports Knoxville. I talked SIL into running it with me. Mind you she really hasn't been running since Princess was born, but I told her she could do it even if we walked. Well, she ran pretty much the whole thing. She walked the water stop and one other time!! I'm super proud of her. She also said she try the 10K next year and that it was a great way to start the holiday. Nice to have another family member run with me!! I rocked my awesome super bright ViZiPRO pink Saucony long sleeved top. It is one of my favorite tops for this time of year!! The picture on the left are our awesome shirts! Long sleeved New Balance technical shirts. I love the color (obviously) and the design this year. 

It was also amazing to see so many of my old FFK crew. One side it's hard because I'm not a part of but awesome to see them all doing so well. BFFAW & Leah are thinking of doing a half ironman next fall.....Augusta.  That's on my bucket list, but two things come to mind - could I move back to Knoxville for the summer to train and can I afford it?!? If I could swing coming home that way I could train with Shahin and of course BFFAW & Leah if they'd have me.  Lots to think about....still working on my race schedule for next year - I wish I was super amazing and had sponsors to help pay for them all haha :)

I will leave you with this - Wednesday when we got in I meet Carlos (old FFK training buddy) at the local box here - built up to a new one rep max PR -- 110#!!!! And pretty sure I ran some of my fastest 200m sprints during the partner portion haha. And lastly - doesn't Princess make the cutest baby elephant :)


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