Sunday, November 4, 2012

Month of Thanks - Day 4 - Running& Finding My Groove :)

So, this weekend seemed CRAZY busy to me. I didn't head into it thinking it would be busy at all!  Friday was pretty simple - School & Fleet Feet Sports.  After FF, I headed over to one of the girls from the boxes house for a Girls Night. It was really awesome to hang out with the girls - I got to know them better and we really had a good time.  Lots of wine consumed and tried by all.  Also tried Ali's pomegranate raspberry beer - pretty good stuff! And someone else brought this chocolate shot called "Chocolate Therapy" - that could be dangerous!

Saturday started with our last "In the Dark" Wod as power is officially back at Aspire!! YAY!!! After coming home and getting ready, I headed into Fleet Feet till 2. I can honestly say I LOVE the chance to talk to runners - doesn't matter if they are new, old, 5min milers or run/walkers - I LOVE our community and how much we all just do it for the LOVE of running!

After FF, my mother had driven up and we headed out to the Philadelphia Expo Center (which wasn't in Philly ha) for a craft fair. It was a pretty cool fair - in the picture to the right are my collections (minus some chocolate/mint covered pretzels that I already ate them all haha). The pictures on the left side are taken by a photographer named John Chumack - check out his stuff here! I feel in love with the heart - hello Love is my last name - it is the Heart Nebula Complex! He does all his own work.  He gave me the second piece for my classroom FOR FREE! How awesome is he?!?! It is slightly bent and he said he couldn't sell it, so he let me have it. One the right are some hand scrubs from Pretty Baby Naturals. CrossFit does some beautiful work to my hands - hopefully this helps :)

Once I got home, I let the girls be out for a few and then I headed over to Wifey's family Beef & Beer in honor of her brother who passed away.  They have it every year and the proceeds go to local children for educational scholarships and other awesome charitable events!  In the pic is Wifey, Kels, Dollface & me - we had a good time and it was good to see the girls.  My three blonds and me- after we took it Dollface says "it looks like we photo shopped you in Melis" haha! I didn't stay super long, but I definitely wanted to support my Parisi family!

This morning I woke up and FROZE myself by running the Bridge Run.  I'm not going to lie, I was very excited to do this.  I thought it would be cool to be able to run over and back on the Ben Franklin Bridge, and it was! The view at the top was BEAUTIFUL!!! I wanted to set a PR and I did.  I got 1:15.  My fastest ever (and actually training) was a 1:19 - I was in good running shape then so can't wait to see what happens not that I am cleared to train at 100% again!! To the left is the crew - they have become my NJ running crew, and I love them!! We have a good time!

To the right is my girlfriend Heather.  Her and her fiance were suppose to run - Mike did, but Heather is sick so just came to support.  THANKFULLY she did, because I forgot my shoes - who goes to a 10K and forgets their runners you may ask?!?! THIS GIRL!! I tried not to freak out - but thankfully Heather had on her adrenalines from Brooks so even though they were a size big, they were better then my Kinvara (my speed shoe NOT my distance shoe). Under is a view on the top - way better in person :)

After the run, I stopped by Aspire - I was originally planning on working on some cleans, but my legs were more tired then I thought (I also didn't think I'd make my time) so I worked on some pull ups! Jill was there so we planned to grocery shop after I changed and such - which actually turned into a trip to Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Bath & Body Works (check out my awesome new candle below - smells AMAZABALLS) and Vicki's! Jill's hubby is going to love me :) I also had some coffee - still learning - tried heavy cream (Paleo friendly as it gets), stevia and cinnamon via a twitter friend's suggestion -- it was delicious and helped me warm up!!

All of that to bring me to this - day 4 - I am thankful for running and the community I have found in it! Between my Fleet Feet Knoxville and Fleet Feet Marlton crews to the twitter #runchat convos to random twitter friends who also run! I LOVE my running community and how awesome and supportive we are!! I am thankful I have found running, and am slowly getting my running grove back :)

How was your weekend?
How did you #SweatPink this weekend?


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