Tuesday, December 18, 2012

6 Months of CrossFit

I'm constantly asked how long I've been CrossFitting *yes, I believe that is a word now haha* and I am officially part of the 6 month club!! A lot has happened in 6 months in my life - some good and some bad. CrossFit was something I wasn't sure I was going to continue at the beginning, but I am glad I did. I can do more now then I ever thought possible. I am looking forward to the next 6 months of CrossFit. A BIG CrossFit event in the next two months - Garage Games - and hopefully more PRs! Monday was my official 6 months - it was nice because I hit a Push Press PR - 5 @ 100#! Also stoked because last night was a Clean *Squat Clean* 20# PR - got 115# for 3!! CrossFit Aspire has been the best thing I have EVER done for myself. I know some people in my life get sick of hearing about it, but I will NEVER get sick of talking about. I have made some pretty awesome friends and acquaintances through my box. I am thankful for finding out about CrossFit and taking the plunge into it. Got to talking to a friend about setting goals, so that is the next step. What weights, rows, movements I want to hit and how I am practicing to get there.

Also, I am thankful for the bloggy friends and twitter crew I have made and can talk about my CrossFit adventures with! I love the community of this sport and look forward to what is to come :)

Do you CrossFit? If so, what box?


  1. Awesome! So happy to have "met" (shared tweets and blogs?) with you! Yay CrossFit! and keep up the PRs chica!

  2. uh oh...should I have gotten you flowers? a (paleo) cake? :) hehe. Happy Anniversary!!! Plus, the 6 month mark means you can come to the new Rx classes!

  3. Happy 6 month anniversary :) I've been wanting to join a box...I just wish I had the money for it.