Thursday, December 6, 2012

Taking It Back Old School, When I Was So Cool - Playlist Thursday

Jumping on the Pavement Runner's fun....I've never joined before today, but I LOVE music and always enjoy it so thought I would join especially since it is HS fun :)

Something Old: a song that was at least 5 years old WHILE YOU WERE IN HS that you listened to
Something Current: a song that was your jam at some point WHILE YOU WERE IN HS
Something to Consider: a song that you enjoyed and came out WHILE YOU WERE IN HS

Something Old (picking 2 - LOVE these songs!)
Artist: Lost Boyz
Title: Renee
Side Note -- My brother use to play this song ALL the time in his old car driving me around...

Quotable: "A tough leather jacket,with some jeans and a chain that her moms gave her"

Artist: Ace of Base
Title: The Sign

Quotable: “No one's gonna drag you up to get into the light where you belong..."

Something Current
Artist: Jagged Edge ft. Run DMC
Title: Let's Get Married - Remix
Side note: This is seriously one of my ALL time favorite songs :)

Quotable: “Meet me at the altar in your white dress...We ain't gettin' no younger we might as well do it”

Something to Consider
Artist: Shania Twain
Title: Man! I Feel Like a Woman
Side Note: This song makes me laugh still :)

Quotable: “The best thing about being a woman is the prerogative to have a little fun”

This was HARD! I LOVE music - always have!  Clearly I need to make a playlist for my runs! Trying to learn to run to music!

Did this take you back?
What's your playlist?


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  1. Shania Twain was so the thing there for awhile... what happened? I love that Jagged Edge song. Their albums were actually pretty good. I was a fan.

    Ace of Base for the win!