Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hung for the Holidays!

Who's excited for Christmas?!? I AM!! I am excited to head home, be with my awesome family and friends! SUPER excited to see the Princess and Tank!!  This week was a hard one - which I will address later.  I am thankful for this time of year and so much time with family and friends.  I am more thankful for being so BLESSED and having so many amazing people in my life - from near to far, US & beyond - I am a very lucky girl!!  To the right you can see the girls - we were at T's house and trying to get them to cooperate.  Clearly Scarlet is more concerned with T then me.  LD was being SO good! Gosh, I love my girls!!

Ok - on to the fun stuff!! Carlyn over at Just Keep Sweating put together a fun ornament swap.  I got Phyllis over at -- check out her post on what I sent!  I received the super cute snowman & Santa from Danielle at Rexburg Runner! I did not get a tree this year so they are hanging off my shelfs! I LOVE them - my Peanut does too - asking if she could take them home to babysit them for me haha!! I can't wait to put them on my tree next year - is it sad that I'm looking forward to it this far in advance! :)

If you missed out this year, you should totally consider joining in next year! :)



  1. That ornament swap is genius! I'll do it next year for sure!

  2. What an adorable ornament!! Love it, so happy you participated :)

  3. Cute ornaments!!! I didn't get a chance to put up our tree this year since we were busy doing the floors. By the time we finished, we figured we'll skip this year.