Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rocky Top Time

So, this has been a very interesting trip home.  I think I've finally hit the grown up spot!  It is Thursday evening, and I haven't been out with any of my friends with the exception of my KellieShea. For the first time I actually think I'm ok with it.  I've spent a ton of time with my family.  Yesterday and today I've gotten to spend the whole day with my niece and nephew because my Broski and SIL are working.  Now this is fabulous for lots of reason, first being that I live thirteen hour away from them and I never see them and second, the Princess is getting MUCH bigger and she actually remembers and interacts with me now! It's like she actually knows me now. The picture to the right is from last night -- isn't her hat sooo cute?!?

The rest are from today. She loves that bowl and putting it on her head! Today her onsie says "Princess in Training"! SIL and I decided it should say Diva in training or Auntie M in training haha!

So I took the time off from running & CrossFit as told to do for my hip. Yesterday I meant to go to CrossFit Knoxville, but I read the website wrong and went at 7:30 but the last class was 7.  Thankfully they let me come in and get some stuff done - I did 2 rounds of tabata of rowing, push-ups and sit ups.  I was

feeling it in my shoulders today.  This morning I got up and went before SIL had to go to work - we worked up to a 1-RM of shoulder press - I got up to 75#s.  Then we had a metcon of 30 shoulder to overhead (anyway possible, I did push press) at 55#, 600m run then 20 wall balls at 12#s -- 5:42. Steve told us we had to break six minutes, I didn't think I would but I got it!  Tomorrow morning, Paul will be meeting me and going for his first class! I am really excited! I like CrossFit Knoxville - they have a good program and I love dropping in there when I am home. Looking forward to tomorrows WOD.

Ok - that's all for today - I've been working on my 2013 goals -- including #13in2013 -- look for that post this weekend :)


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