Thursday, December 13, 2012

Birthday Dream Race & Squat Progress :)

I GOT IN!!! I am super stoked that I got into the Nike Women's Inaugural Half Marathon in DC.  I have applied to the San Fran lottery a couple times and never got in (not to mention I probably wouldn't be able to afford it).  Ro, Cheryl & myself got into this one and I am PUMPED! It was hard on Twitter last night as a lot of people were really upset they did not get into the lottery, but that is part of the lottery.  Would I have been bummed? Of course, but the good news is there are LOADS of races that time of year. I hope to really push this half and make it a awesome birthday weekend (can't believe I'll be 29) and maybe a new PR?!? I am more excited as this race means a lot to me this year especially!

I hated to run.  Everything about it. I started running after my friend, Justin, passed away in Dec 2007.  Justin always tried to get me to run and I never did.  It took me some time but in August 2008 I walked into Fleet Feet Knoxville, where Justin kept telling me to go before he passed, and "Sweet Melissa" was playing - the same song that Justin use to sing to me. At the time - I didn't know she'd turn into my BFFAW, but Eleanore fit me for my first pair of trainers - 2110 from Asics with blue Superfeet.  I kept those until recently b/c of how much they meant to me. BFFAW and I started talking and she told me about the No Boundaries program they had. I started No Boundaries (a beginners 5K program) at Fleet Feet Knoxville.  Ran my first 5K in fall of 2008. This year marked 5 years since he's gone.  This race falls right after my birthday and right before his.  I am looking forward to running this race and being thankful for the 4 year journey running has turned into. Even though he is gone, I am SO stoked to run something to mark this journey and celebrate my birthday!!

**PS - BFFAW is who is doing the August Half-Ironman that I want to join her & Leah and do in 2013!**

Look at that awesome new zip up hoodie!! You can't tell from the picture but it is BRIGHT pink!! I LOVE it!!! My box ordered new hoodies and I couldn't resist. YAY! I love repping Aspire!
My hip is still giving me a lot of pain - I am really hoping it is just my sciatica joint - which sucks bc you can't do too much for it! Last night we worked on squats again - if you remember, two weeks ago I got 135 for 3x6 and last week I got 145 for 6 then 4.  Our goal is to add 5#s every week and wait till you can get 3x6 with fabulous form before going up.  Well I've really been working on my form and last night I got 145 for 3x6!!!! I am STOKED! I am not looking at trying 150 next week, but we just keep going up :)

How'd you get your #SweatPink on yesterday?
Anyone else get into the Nike half?!?


  1. Oh and the sweatshirt is cute also!!!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you approve - you're my style guru ;)

  2. I am so sorry about your friend... Congratulations on gettng in. It will be something to remember for sure! :)

  3. Wow what a great way to honor your friend! <3 Congrats on the half marathon acceptance! :)