Wednesday, January 16, 2013

And It Is Back To WOD Time

Hello loves :)  How's your week going?  Guess what today was?!? My first WOD since the race...yes, 2 days after my marathon...with no training...I hit up Aspire.  Recovery is going great - and clearly, ice bath was a smart move :) Anyways, it's amazing how much a good WOD and good people just make everything better.  So, my hip is doing good and if you didn't know I had just run a marathon you wouldn't be able to tell anymore.  I got held at school in a meeting after the after school program - PS I did it, I got into the program! YAY!! - so I did not get to the box in time for the Rx class. 

Ali was going strong when I got there -- and BIG news, we are SHOE twins now! I love already having someone with fun shoes as bright as mine. However, she is fabulous and one of my favorites at the box! Hers has the blue and yellow - I LOVE the blue! Seeing her new ones all pretty and new really makes me want a new pair. haha I really need some OLY day! Money seems to be the issue - teacher problems haha :)
Ok, back to the WOD. Strength we did push press - sets of 3 - I got 110!! I am super stoked!That is the most I've ever gotten - 15# PR baby!! Our metcon was "Stone Face" from our Garage Games - it was brutal - 55# push press & 35 KB swings. I got 8 + 6. I'll take it - I have to get use to the 35 KB as it was crazy flying. I can't wait to WOD tomorrow with Jill - I've missed her! And ladies night on Friday with the CrossFit crew!

Now, I am changing my plans - I'm going to stick to WOD'ing 5-6 days a week and adding 3-4 days of running.  I will be taking time off some weeks depending on how my body feels, lots of rest and listening to my body.  Running wise - I am going to be doing one speed day, a long run, and at least one normal run, but would love to get two.  I want to get faster, and would LOVE to get my 2:30 half in the books. Plus, training for Nike Women's Half starts NOW this weekend! Time to step it up and hit the next level! Any thoughts on that?!? Can you help me stay on track?!?

So, this also happened tonight - I forgot I was out of dog food so I had to run to the market after the WOD. Rain boots, shorts (with my awesome tan from Disney) and my OSU riding coat! haha Sexy if I do say so myself :)

Oh and this also happened today - have you had one yet? Chocolate Mint...have you tried it?!?

How'd you Sweat Pink and get Sporty today?
Do you ever step out in awesome outfits too?

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  1. hey! just read your recent marathon recap - CONGRATS! Pretty amazing!

    1. THANKS!! I'm glad it have it done! Def never doing a race undertrained again!! haha :)

  2. Oh, I often go out in public sweaty as hell and attractively dressed in my workout attire ... that's probably as creative as I get! I wish I had rain boots, actually. What are you doing to help with speed work? I need to get on that.

    1. haha glad I'm not the only one rocking the post-workout look :) I have set stuff I do that a friend gave me -- I'll make a post this weekend and share them with you. I'm looking for a more set program, but as of now I go out once a week and just push myself to move as quick as I can! PS my rain boots are from Bakers - they were on sale last year - I LOVE them!!