Monday, January 7, 2013

Garage Games WODs & Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Loves! Hope the start of every one's week has been fabulous so far!! Had a pretty good weekend! Did not get everything I wanted to done, but that is ok. Friday night was Disney on Ice with my Girl Scouts from school.  It was a good time and we had fabulous seats!  Saturday was full of CrossFit, errands, cleaning up the apt and watching my Bengals suck it up! Had a nice little back squat PR at 155#.  Was kind of bummed I did not get more.  We only did sets of 3 - we've been doing 3 sets of 4-6 -- you keep at the weight till you get all 3 for 6 reps -- well last time I actually squatted, which was before Christmas -- I got 150 for 6,6,4 so I surely thought I'd get like 165-175 for 3.  BLAH! Boy was I wrong.  First at bat for 155 I failed BIG time - went down to quick so got stuck.  Took double rounds off then went again - 1 & 2 were fine, but that 3 was a SLOW grueling climb back up haha!

After CF, I saw the chiropractor again - working on that hip. I always feel SO good after I leave there for like an hour, then it gets sore for a couple hours before I'm good again for a few days.  Left there and went to Camden for a Girl Scout meeting - we start cookie sales in 2 weeks! Left there and went to the eye doctor before heading home to watch my Bengals.  Now I was really hoping they'd have a good game and it wouldn't be like last year vs. the Texans in the Wildcard game...but the Bengals pretty much said "here's the game".  Sunday was open gym - Jill, Rachel and I worked on stuff for the Garage Games -- still freaking out. Here is a video of just us attempting one round of the first WOD --

 And yes, Jill and I were totally twins on Sunday with no prior knowledge of our outfits - she's my CF BFF :) So let's talk Garage Games WODs....(In NO particular order - aka we don't know what will be first, second or third yet)
1. “Stone Face”: Ascending Push Press and Kettlebell Swings. Scaled weights are 75#/55# and 55#/35#
• 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, etc… total reps.
•5 Minute AMRAP

2. “Double’s To Heaven”: 1 Round for time- 200 Singles 63 Hand Release Push-Ups 36 Front Squats (45#), 50 Singles 42 Hand Release Push-Ups 24 Front Squats (45#) 25 Singles 21 Hand Release Push-Ups – Front Squat until time expires
•12 minute AMRAP

3. “PVC Mania”: 5 PVC Shoot Thru’s ( 10 Lateral Burpees over PVC Hurdle, 20 PVC Dips in the form of a 5 Round WOD
•12 min Cap

OK - so that video was of one round of PVC Mania - except I counted wrong on my burpees and only did 9 -- whoops. I'm pretty scared of all three WODs, not going to lie.  We did up to 5 for the Stone Face - about 2 minutes - my shoulders were tired. Double's to Heaven - we did the first set, 100, 63 and I only did 15 Front squats and was dreading doing more.  PVC Mania - 12 min seems like a long time.  Have to work on those skills more!! Hopefully I survive...that's all I want.  Andrew said just make your goal to not be last...sounds like a plan haha :) PS Andrew is here -- I can't WAIT to WOD with him!!
Last - I've been thinking about goals for is what I have:
  • Stick to my budget (including savings)
  • Attend church at least twice a month
  • Dine out only 1-2 times per month
  • Start saving for retirement
  • Volunteer at Crossfit Regionals (Attend Regionals if I don’t get to volunteer)
  • Climb a rope
That's what I got for now. I want to set some goal weights, but haven't figured out what to set yet....I'll figure it out!



  1. We are trying to just eat out once a week. It's hard because eating out is such a social event. It's just what you do when you want to hang out with someone ya know? My mom just asked me what Girl Scout cookies I want this year. I wanted to say none but I got 3 boxes haha :)

    1. Yesssss!!! Exactly. And sometimes I just want to be out, but I need to be more financially smart. Especially if I want to move to the next step in life like buying a place or even if I decide to move. Haha and girl being a troop leader is SO hard. I'm going to let myself have one box of Thin Mints. We shall see how that goes =p