Thursday, January 17, 2013

First Vlog - Good times!

So that sucked...awesome day at school and basketball practice but bum WOD and no OLY class! Side note, I really do love getting to coach with Waheed - she's awesome! 

Anyways, someone told me I should Vlog, so here ya go. My update from tonight's WOD, or lack of WOD.  I really need to remember what my body did on Sunday and not plan for any PRs or major jumps.  Beth said I should really shoot for 80% right now - between recovering from the run and while I nurse this hip.

That's it...just wanted to share my frustration.  Hard to be told to sit back sometimes...but like I was told, I need to remember the BIG picture...more CrossFit competitions, a 2:30 half and lots more running and TRI fun this year!

What's your recovery tips?



  1. Love vlogs :D seeeriously congrats on the marathon. I can't even imagine how sore my legs/body would feel after a marathon. You look like you're recovering pretty good!

    1. haha it was interesting to say the least :) My hips are feeling it still but I'm on the way back!

  2. Nice job on your vlog! Post marathon is a very easy time to get injured, even when you feel good, so I'd be cautious and try to avoid running until you know you're recovered. Congrats again on your marathon!

  3. Ahhhh!!! I LOVE THIS!!!! :) Your vlog rocks. :) and I hope you're taking care of yourself too!!!!