Monday, January 28, 2013

Main Street Pride - First Solo Comp DONE :)

Hello loves!! Hope ya'll have had a fabulous weekend! Mine was great!! Will get into it more. This past week I put this picture up on my instagram.  When Andrew was here, he made me these sweet potato circles which I know call Andrew Circles :) -- anyways -- lots of people wanted to know how I made them...super easy --
Sweet potato is washed - skin left on and cut into circles.
Melt some coconut oil on medium heat.
Add the circles to the pan.
Cook till slightly brown. (About 3-5 mins depending on stove. Maybe longer).
Sprinkle TJ 21 season, garlic powder and salt on cooked side as other side cooks.
Flip and season second side when brown.
Remove from pan.
Cool and Destroy :)

Friday was a pretty relaxed day. No basketball practice so I got to leave school on normal time.  I headed straight to see Dr. Jarvis at Health Goals.  She knew I had my CrossFit competition Saturday so we worked on my hip.  I also told her about how my knee has been really acting up.  She adjusted my knee too.  I left feeling awesome, but within about two hours my hip and knee were really sore.  Now, my hip is always sore after an hour or two so I didn't think much about that; however, I was REALLY concerned with my knee hurting more. Lots of icing, some biofreeze and ibuprofen.

Anyways, after my appointment, I picked up the girls and we ran some errands. I just love those two! We ran to Aspire so I could get my jump rope for Saturday and LD went in with me.  Alycia got to meet her :) We ran to the market to make sure I had everything I needed for Saturday. Went home and iced up then went to bed early.

Saturday came quick.  I could have slept in more, but I didn't. I felt super nervous and couldn't believe it was here.  7 months into this deal and here was my first competition with no team to lean on -- SOLO! I got myself ready, made sure I had everything I might need and headed over to Jill's house to meet the girls. We had a fun little care ride up -- I really am thankful for Jill & Rachel - they are awesome friends that I have gained through CrossFit Aspire.
Karli & me!
Anyways, we got up to Freehold, NJ, and parked.  Eventually, after a LONG and unnecessary walk around a block (which we later found a short cut) we found the box - CrossFit Freehold. I forget who we saw when we first walked in, but they told us where the group was.  We made it through a VERY packed tent to the back to find our crew - CrossFit Aspire. As we are putting our stuff down and getting things situated -- who trips and balances herself on me?!? KARLI!! My bloggy/twitter friend! I was SUPER stoked to meet her!! Her Main Street Pride recap is here.  It was her first Rx competition and I think she rocked it considering the circumstances. I also got to meet her Beau which was nice since I learn about him on her blog haha :)
Back to the event -- it was cold.  Port-O-Johns SUCK.  There was no warm-up area like at the team event I did this summer. Alycia rocked these sweet tights during the comp -- yes, I love her 1000x more for that! They are fabulous!  We had to wait around a while (3+ hours) before the scaled women started. So, we sat around -- talked to the BIG kids (Rx crew) about how their WODs were going -- they had two done before we had started, but then had to wait 3+ hours before their third and then more before their fourth. It was nice to talk to everyone -- I really do love my box!
Jill & I decided to look around and see what all was going on.  It was SO packed it was really hard to watch much of the Rx crew go -- plus I'm short so seeing over people isn't my strong point. There was a group called Jump'N'Rope there.  I got to talking to them and ended up buying a toy to help work with my jumping & double unders.  Fingers crossed it helps!

First WOD for us scaled kiddos was PVC Mania -- 12 minute cap -- 5 rounds -- 5 PVC Shoot Throughs, 10 lateral burpees and 20 dips.  I finished in 9:52.  I didn't think I could do 5 rounds in 12 minutes so I was stoked that I got it done! It was hard.

Jill Pressin
Second WOD was Stone Face -- originally suppose to be a 55# push press but it got dropped to 45# and then a 35# KB swing.  You had 5 minutes -- 1 PP/ 1KBS, 2PP/2KBS, etc.  I got 9 full rounds and 6 into the 10th.  My shoulders were on FIRE!! Then we had about two hours before our next we all just hung out.

Last WOD was Doubles to Heaven...originally a 12 minute cap that was changed to 8 minutes -- it was a lot -- it was also the one I was worried about the most because of my hip.  Singles (since I can't do doubles yet), push ups and front squat. 200 singles, 63 push ups and 36 front squats --then half the amount and go through it, then half again and finish out the time with front squats.  A - I HATE push ups. B I can't squat well right now with my hip.  I didn't think I'd get through my 63 push ups, but I did. I actually got into the second set of singles.  I got a no-rep on my push ups 8x for not lifting my hands and on one squat.  I had to say something after the squat though because Justin always gets on my for going TO low...not for not going low enough.  Whatever. Over it haha :) 
When all is said and done, I had a blast.  I really enjoyed the day.  For not being able to WOD for the last two weeks due to recovering from my marathon and my hip & knee stuff, I'm glad to have it under my belt.  I LOVED getting to do the WODs and cheer for my box friends. I had a lot of weaknesses made more known - push ups, singles, doubles, KB swings haha.  I am walking away ready to beast out more and move to the next level.

We headed home and went to Jill's house to eat pizza and have some drinks.  It was a much needed end to the night!! Lots of laughs, stories and getting to know each other more! LD & Scarlet came too -- LD loved Jill's fireplace - isn't she cute? I have no pics of myself, but I'll share some once Jill gets them to me :) 

Sunday started with bacon & eggs -- no better start.  Took the girls out to play for a bit then went bowling with my Buckeye group! Day ended with Brian coming over to watch the Flyers play (and teach me about hockey), a skype date with the family and a LONG conversation with Duane :) Perfect end to a FABULOUS weekend. And bonus - my leg (knee and hip) feel good so looking forward to hopefully WOD'ing & running all this week and getting back to it!!

What did you do this weekend?



  1. great cross fit workouts! i love starting my day with bacon and eggs! i had a low key weekend, did a 5km race on saturday then had a girls night in! :)

    1. They were good WODs -- I just would have enjoyed being a little bit warmer haha :) That 5K fun run looked awesome -- I think that sounds fun to run for the cards!

  2. i LOVE sweet potatoes and am always looking for new ways to try them! thanks for sharing the simple recipe!

    1. Girl, they are SO good. When my friend Andrew was here, I had him make them almost every day! :)

  3. Wow Melissa you really kicked butt at that Comp! I'm on my 5th Cf class and couldn't even dream of a comp!

    1. I've only been going about 7 months -- I did a team comp after two months. Just wait - you'll be there SOON :) It really showed me how much I have to work on - basically everything haha :)

  4. Wow! Go girl! :) congrats on your first solo comp! And take care of that hip and knee!!!

    1. Thanks girly!! Knee is feeling really good! Going to try a short run this weekend -- was hoping to this week, but it hasn't happened yet haha!