Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Marathon Recap - #2 in the Books!

Shahin & me Pre-Race
Wouldn't be a runner without him!
 This past weekend was a weekend I have been waiting for a while to come up. This past weekend was the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. And so with that, marathon #2 is in the books! Now, comes the fun part - race recap and what I learned! The biggest thing I learned - CrossFit is definitely an amazing way to cross train and get your body in shape! On top of that - the second biggest thing I learned...I will NEVER race without training properly again.  I did not train.  At ALL! I am very lucky and blessed to be sitting here and typing this. My legs actually feel pretty good - they are sore, but hello 26.2 miles will make anyone's legs sore. My achilles feels good.  The trips to the see Dr. Jarvis (and Dr. B who did see me the Thursday before I left) at Healthy Goals are fabulous and helped my hip get through it.  I can only imagine how I would have felt had I actually trained.

The Castle <3>
Training was almost obsolete minus CrossFit and the occasional 5K.  I did good all summer getting ready for Rock'N'Roll Philly and helping train that group. It was building a great base for this weekend. I was still going strong until the awesome hospital week...and a forced week off of everything and then a "don't run more then 6" rest of the month.  Well that just shut all my running down. I ran the Hot To Trot in Knoxville over Thanksgiving, but ask if I have run since then?!? NOPE - not except for my 5K for #5bythe5th. And yes ya'll, I know how stupid it was of me to still run...but it was DISNEY!! And really I think the face it was Disney totally helped! I mean look at the castle - I want to get married there :)
Me, Lilo & Melissa right after mile 7!
So let's talk race -- Obviously - it's an early start! Sarah stayed the night with me which was nice because I had someone to get ready with.  We headed to the bus with the crew from FFK. We got to the start and settled in to wait! Miles 1-10 were fabulous! I ran with Melissa from my old training group at Fleet Feet Knoxville. Now, we all know about my hip and issues I've been having and she has been having some issues with her knee so we just did 3:1s the first 10 miles.  We stopped to take pictures with characters (as soon as she gets home and post them I will share), totally took our time and really just enjoyed ourselves. Rilo meet us right outside of the Magic Kingdom. It was really nice to seem him! Magic Kingdom is awesome! You get to go down main street and around the park.  You get to go through the castle - I LOVE that place - I seriously want to get married at Disney or the beach haha! We also had Cheryl, Dana & Kylie right after mile 7.  That was a lifesaver - Cheryl gave me an clementine, and I totally needed that!!

When we hit 13, I made her keep saying "we are awesome...I'm feeling awesome" haha! It helped. At 13, we dropped to a 2:30:1:30 interval.  We were in the Animal Kingdom and it was really starting to heat up. Even with the heat, it was actually still decent on the first part.  There was a lot of shade still as the sun wasn't really up in full force yet.  The Animal Kingdom was fun to go through - right as we entered they had animals you could get your picture with - I passed, but Melissa got one with a snake. Miles 14-18 were hard. We came out of Animal Kingdom and headed into ESPN Wide World of Sports - lots of concrete and just open field.  We did get to run around the main field at the park - that was cool! Once we hit 17 we were in single digits and that helped me keep going. 18-20 I was hot - I stopped and sprayed more sun screen on (got to love my irish skin haha).

Ro & me at mile 26!
 Once we hit 20 - it was only a 10K left - I just kept telling myself, I do 10Ks all the time. Now this whole time - I was trying to find my friend Ro. She was suppose to run, but ended up having some foot issues and couldn't; however, she was going to meet me and run some with me.  Originally she was to meet us in the Animal Kingdom.  That didn't workout.  She made it to MGM studios and was going to meet me right after mile 23. Miles 20-23 were hard.  I was really hot, my legs were cramping some - they gave out bananas and I think that helped me not cramp as much - and my foot hurt. We fell into pace with the 7hour pacer.  We found him about mile 21 and I stayed with him till mile 24.  He was doing 20:40 and it was about as much as I could handle at that point.  Ro hopped in at mile 23.  She was kind of a breath of fresh air.  Melissa and I both needed her. At 24 I was done. There was nothing more in my body.  And I was ok with it.  I knew I was lucky to even make it to that point and I was VERY thankful to have made it to that point.

Me, Mickey & Ro before finish!
 Ro ran with Melissa for a bit and I found Ed & Kaye (pic with them to come) at mile 25 in Epcot. Ed & Kaye are fabulous and just came along when I needed help. Ed's knee was giving him a hard time and it was Kaye's first marathon.  We all agreed the heat wasn't helping either haha. Now Epcot is tricky see - it's the finish, but you have to go in and go ALL THE WAY AROUND and back to the parking lot to be done.

Proud moment!

Ro dropped back and told me her family was at the fountain and she was going to run ahead and meet me there.  I said perfect! When we got to them, it was SO good to see her and her family.  To think I meet her and her family on my 100 mile bike ride...crazy! And then we were done.  Before I crossed, I had my picture taken with Ro & Mickey.

Beautiful isn't it?!?

Yes, I've learned my lesson.  And I know that I am VERY lucky to be feeling as good as I am, and not have any injuries.  I am thankful, I am.  I am also a WAY bigger fan of CrossFit now then  ever before.  There is NO way I would have done this without having CrossFit in my life.  Justin & Alycia - and ALL my Aspire folks - thanks! Without ya'll kicking my butt 5-6x a week - I wouldn't have done this! Also, HUGE thanks to Andrew - he kept me feed super well last week and I also think that helped - I had a non-paleo breakfast morning of the race, but I am ok with that.  I need it on days like that!

Love him!

Ice bath & elevated legs :)

While we waited for our bus, Shahin had a beer and found himself a comfortable chair :) I got back to the room and did my least favorite part of this - an ice bath. I know my legs needed it. I then spent 20 minutes upside down letting my legs just drain and relax. I also happened to finish Sarah's bag of Flipz she left in the room - salty & sweet is also fabulous post race haha!

Me, Dana & Kylie
I spent the rest of the day/night with my Fleet Feet Knoxville group - I never forget, but I love being reminded how amazing they all are and how lucky I am to have them in my life!! I was also lucky enough to meet new FFK people and had a blast with them too!! Hot tub to relax our legs - have a beer then bed! Had to catch an early flight back to Jersey.

Now to TRAIN and get ready for the next race :)



  1. Amazing! I agree that training is very important! Especially for that kind of race. You are crazy girl! :)

    1. haha yea, it probably wasn't my smartest idea ever...but I made it!! :) No PR obviously, but I finished!

  2. Looks like so much fun! Congrats on finishing. I would love to run at WDW ... bucket list item!

    1. Disney is by far one of my favorite races!! DEF a bucket list item! I'll be heading back in 2015 for Goofy :)

  3. Oh my gosh! I'm just NOW getting around to reading this recap! GIRRRRRRLLLL! You better take care of yourself!!!!! Ok...I won't hound you about it cause you already know. But I probably would've done the same thing. Cause it's DISNEY of course. I'm just glad you're ok. Rest up and train properly next time. ;)