Wednesday, January 23, 2013

No WODs & DumboDoubleDare :)

Hello loves! Hope you're having a fabulous week so far! I've had a better week then this before. I'm having a hard time with this whole "recovery" concept.  I understand I ran a marathon and my body, especially my legs, are worn out. I get they need time to recover, especially since I really didn't train.  But all I want to do is WOD!!!! haha Being forced to take some time off is hard, but I know that it will be worth it in the end. Between this awesome hip thing - which I must say is getting a TON better - and my now my left knee.  Why is it always my left leg?!? Anyways - I have a nice little swollen knee, its beautiful!

On Monday I went and had my hip worked on...HOLY SMOKES! I had a 30 minute massage - sounds relaxing right?!? NOT! She worked mostly on this left side - hip, hamstring, IT band and quad. She told me I was super messed up on the left side and would be sore the next day -- that was an understatement. I had tears in my eyes as she worked but if it means healing faster, I am with it!! I just want to be better -- hip is on the to get the knee back :)

No WODs this week or runs.  Take the week off to baby the knee. Got told to go home from the WOD tonight -- my knee was swollen and sore. It's been swollen since trying to run Saturday with Jill.  We only did 2 and I think it's just still tweaked from the marathon. So, just going to play it safe since the Garage Games are on Saturday!!! I'm really freaking out about them too! I'm worried about my body, but hoping that a few days off are just what I need.  I found this awesome plan -- Megan from Run Like A Grl Abs By April -- join here. We all know I need help on my core, so what better way then this!! Join me!

What else...I've been drinking more of these awesome smoothies->

They are super yummy and a good way for me to get more of my vegetables in.  Spinach and Kale aren't super strong in flavor so I can add them and not get overwhelmed.

This one has:

I don't measure (I don't think Jill really does either) or do set amounts. I just add stuff and drink.  I'd like to add some protein to it too, but I only have chocolate and not sure that would mix.

Now for my last bit of AWESOME news...I got in to DUMBO DOUBLE DARE!!!!! It sold out in under two hours, so I was STOKED to get in.  It's my new RunDisney race.  It will be at Disneyland over Labor Day weekend.  10K on Saturday and the Half on Sunday...kind of funny I'm thinking about this as I'm being forced to recover and not WOD or run, but I can't WAIT!!!  I love the Disney races! And hopefully Mama Dukes will be able to join me!

Running my marathon under trained did a couple things for me --
A: showed me what I already is KEY!
B: showed me how much I really do miss running!
C: Helped me find my love again, and I really can't wait to start training more!!

Did you get in to the DumboDoubleDare?
What's your favorite Green Smoothie recipe?



  1. 1- Dumbo double dare sounds awesome...and crazy! good luck! 2- I stalked you on the garage games # list :) I'll be cheering for you!!

    1. Haha - yes, awesome and crazy sums it up well! I can't wait to cheer you on!! Woot Woot :)

  2. oh wow, what a massage that turned out to be!!

    oooh how cool is that - the Dumbo double dare - sounds like it'll be a great weekend :D

    1. Yea, I know it's what I need but yes that massage was different to say the least :)

      And I am SO excited for that weekend! I think it will be fun! I can't wait to get recovered so I can start training again!

  3. I would try out the chocolate - I think it would be good in your smoothie! And sooo jealous of your Dumbo Double Dare! It's totally on the bucket list for me to run something at Disney.

    Haha, and I have no recipe for my green smoothies ... I just throw stuff in!

    1. haha I'm glad I'm not the only one who just pics stuff up and throws it in haha :) I'll try the chocolate and see what happens and let ya know! All the Disney races are on my list -- I LOVE Disney and their races are just as fabulous!

  4. I drink the same green smoothie all the time. Protein powder, spinach or kale, almond milk, and a banana. It's so boring but so good! :)

    1. Boring is sometimes ok though! haha :)

  5. Good job babying the knee! It's very important! I tend to ice after every day at crossfit just in case - Oh and I'll be at the Dumbo Double Dare too ;)

    1. I think I'll start icing after ever CrossFit class now, especially my knee and hip (even after they get 100% better). I can't wait to meet you at Dumbo Double Dare :)