Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lessons Learned & Old School Friends

Hello loves!! Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend so far :) I didn't post a lot last week - Andrew was here (and somehow got away with no pics the whole week) so I really just enjoyed having someone around and spending time with him. Things he taught me: I definitely have to be in a relationship with someone else who's into CrossFit/running/etc. as it really is my main focus and want to have someone who shares that(and no, it is NOT like that with him, he's just a good friend), I forget how much big guys eat and I can cook food a lot more relaxed and not stress things mixing or touching, that it is OK to get help sometimes (even from a boy) and really he just showed me how much it's ok to just be me. I felt bad as I had to leave Friday (he didn't leave till Sunday) but I had to get down to.....
Disney!!!!!!!! Ahhh I forget how much I love this place! The minute I got off my plane and to the airport, there is something about Orlando. Maybe it has something to do with how I use to spend summers here with such fabulous people . One of which I meet up with Friday night after getting settled. My Panda - Amanda! She is now married with an adorable little boy and a bundle on the way! I absolutely adore her hubs and am so happy to have meet her baby boy Aidan!! We went to dinner in Downtown Disney and ate at T-Rex Cafe - it was awesome! Then we walked around and just caught up. Aidan and I danced some and just had fun. It was amazing and a GREAT way to start my trip!! Today was just relaxing, hydrating and the expo. This evening, Amanda picked me up again after her and Sarah went to the expo. The three of us went to dinner and just caught up. Sarah lives in NYC now so I need to get up. Now we are watching the game (Go Pack) and heading to bed. Wake up is 3am!! Marathon time!!! Sarah's first and my second. I just want to finish and hip to feel good!! Sweet Dreams y'all :)