Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Every Little Step I Take

I LOVE Tigger :)
Good evening loves!! Hope everyone had a fabulous Tuesday!! Today was a great day! We had our Black History Month - Music deal at school.  I often forget what a talented bunch of kiddos we have.  They really did a great job! One of my kiddos from last year loves to dance - and he's really good. I love seeing him put his heart into everything.  Now if I could figure out how to get him more involved or into a dance program. Starting tomorrow, I am changing the way my classroom works -- these kids are not improving and are missing a lot of basic skills this year so I HAVE to do more. The state test is coming quickly and I want them to be as prepared as I can make them.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results -- well what I've been doing isn't working, so time to change it up in my classroom and my after school program!

Here is a couple seconds from a few of today's acts --

Today also was day two on Progenex -- I had another More Muscle for breakfast -- today was WAY better.  I'm thinking I forgot my second scoop yesterday....because today it was REALLY good! Also, today was my first day taking the recovery (I forgot to yesterday) -- holy awesome creamy taste -- I had 2scoops recovery+2 scoops more muscle post WOD.  I could totally get use to that. I didn't take the Omega+ again today -- I think maybe I should put the bottle in my lunch bag and take it then.  It's the only time I eat a BIG meal at once ya know?

Today's WOD was awesome -- we did 1 RPM for snatch -- I got 80# -- I am super happy with that -- I almost got 85# but couldn't get under it at first -- Justin came over and talked to me about dropping faster -- by then my arms were shot -- I got under it, but couldn't stand up.  It's coming!! Alli rocked and got a 100# snatch today!! Was SUPER stoked for her!! Here's my second or third attempt at fail -- you can see I get the bar high enough, but wasn't dropping.  Once Justin helped me get that - I could get under it, but my arms were DEAD!
Between yesterdays PR & today's PR my body is feeling it -- I need to spend some extra time tomorrow rolling out and doing mobility work -- still need to figure out the mobility WOD website...I need mobility help haha!

After class -- a couple of us headed over to one of the guy's from the boxes house -- Chris -- he had knee surgery yesterday so we got some grub from Elevation Burger (mostly Paleo - had cheese) and ended up eating and just chatting for a bit with him.  It was a good time -- I really am lucky to have my CF Aspire crew! I love my box and my friends and coaches!

Paleo challenge day #9 done -- a little of a cheat day, but nothing major.  I feel like I am doing a LOT better with my food lately so I'm loving it.  I need to stay on a permanent challenge haha :)

Ok -- short little update on an awesome day! Hope yours was great too!! Time for #AbsbyApril & #NoGirlyPushUps before bed :)

Tomorrow is a speed training day for Tough Mudder & Nike Women's Half training :)



  1. OMG these kiddos! Bobby, Bey, Mary...Whip my hair...some of my favorites. Beautiful clips...they are very talented, the speakers, dancers....LOVE!!!

    1. haha I LOVE these kids -- they did well :)