Monday, February 25, 2013

Progenex, Pushups and Progress :)

Hello loves! Hope you're having a fabulous Monday (or Tuesday when some of you read this)! I'm off to a little bit of a rough day/night since something is wrong with Scarlet, but hopefully she is on the mend.  It was a FAST day for me -- and a really good monday. Anyways -- how was everyone's weekend? Anything good happen today/this weekend?

Audrey & the girls :)
My weekend was FABULOUS! After school on Friday, I went and got my adjustment and then made a post office run before scooping up my girls and heading down to MD to visit my Boo and her family.  Audrey is my absolutely best friend.  We have been through thick and thin and no matter what, we always come out on top.  We are VERY different people, in very different stages of our lives, but somehow whenever we are together -- it's just perfect! Her hubs - Danni - totally lets us do our girly convos and watch shows/movies -- most the time he joins in on the shows/movies but if we get to talking, he takes off haha. I didn't get in till 8ish Friday night -- honestly I don't really remember what all we did -- watched tv I think -- pretty sure that was the night we watched Danni's shows - Person of Interest and Ghost Adventures (side note -- I like this show...not that I really watch much tv but when I am there we always watch one). 
Ellie & me - Post WOD
Saturday morning I decided to head over to CrossFit Montgomery County -- I had a good time.  Very quite class until I started talking to people and making them talk back haha! We started with a strength lift complex - EMOTM for 15 -- 1 clean deadlift, 1 clean shrug, 1 squat clean, 1 jerk -- 5@85 , 5@90  and 5 @95# .  Then we had 4 rounds - 100m spring, 14 11ft Wallballs (10#) 7 over the WB burpees and a suicde sprint. I don't remember my time.  It was tough - and I felt it in my achilles after, but it was fun!

The rest of the day we really didn't do anything -- lounged around -- Danni and I ate lunch and he taught me about Walking Dead as we watched.  I really could like that show. Boo also hooked me on Scandal. Yep,  I watched it till 1 am haha. LD couldn't even stay up - feel asleep sitting up -- silly dog :)

Last Week Fitness Recap --

Monday - WOD & gymnastics
Tuesday - Run
Wednesday - WOD
Thursday WOD & OLY
Friday - rest
Saturday - WOD
Sunday - Run Club

Good solid week of stuff.  This week I started (this morning) taking Progenex. I already missed taking the pills at a meal so waiting to do those tomorrow.  Doing the More Muscle (which I really am going to have to adjust to the taste), Recovery and OMEGA+.  I'm going to take the Recovery + More Muscle post WOD (duh) and Omega's during the day.  I'm going to try and do a MM shake in the mornings, but today was rough for taste so we shall see. I need more Blender bottles.

This also happened today!! Woot Woot! Passed the Online Judge Course for CrossFit :) I really want to volunteer at regionals. Booked our room already! I can't WAIT!!

My #NoGirlyPushUps challenge is going good -- started week 3! I am loving following all these girls and watching them beat the numbers -- I can't imagine doing 60, 70+ in a day. haha We did 75 in the metcon tonight - by sets of 15 and by the 3rd round I was dead.  Then I remembered, that's why we work on our weakness right? To get better! #AbsbyApril is going well too! Have to stay on it!

AND today -- I got a 175# 3x3 deadlift!! Thanks to Alycia & Alli -- I can finally lift and not have to walk around the bar or physc myself out.  It is such an AMAZING feeling!! Not to get my core stronger so I can lift more :)

Are you doing #NoGirlyPushUps or #AbsbyApril? How's it going?
How was your weekend/Monday?


PS seeing all these RunDisney posts & pictures -- I wish I could run ALL Disney races! Can't wait for DumboDoubleDare :) Do you know of any fun races coming up?


  1. Congrats on passing the online course!!:D
    Love your relationship with Audrey. So, so rare these days, I think. I miss my best friend so much!!

    I've been doing the maaaanly pushups daily too! :D Not generally keeping track, but definitely dropping throughout the day to do them!

    1. Thanks!! And yea, it's SO rare and I'm VERY thankful to have her!! You should join us on the challenge for #NoGirlyPushUps :)

  2. Who isn't hooked on Scandal? It's so awesome, every week. Walking dead is on my to do list, heard good stuff about it. Congrats on the course

    1. Girl I had NO idea -- I will be watching now though haha :) Def check out Walking Dead -- I really like it! And thanks!

  3. What a happy, positive post!! Love all the stuff going on in here! :)

    Amazing job on the deadlifts!!

  4. Yay!!! Congrats girl!!! :)
    And my blender collection equal 4 right now. I'm sure that will increase soon. ;)

    1. I meant to say blender BOTTLE collection. :)

    2. I need to seriously up my bottle collection -- I have 3 and never seem to have a clean bottle =p