Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday + Fitness Recap :)

Happy Sunday loves! Hope everyone has been having a fabulous weekend.  I feel like this has been a GREAT weekend.  Maybe because it is the first weekend in a LONG time with nothing on the agenda really.  Like my "To Do" list still seems a mile long, but I've been chipping away at it so that's helpful.  Last week was my first FULL week back to the box.  Felt amazing to be back and in full swing! My body seemed to respond well to the two weeks off! Hip even felt decent this week and knee is good!

Friday night I did dinner with some of the folks from my box, CrossFit Aspire. I had an AWESOME time.  I know ya'll are probably sick of it, but I LOVE my box.  Seriously.  Best. Place. EVER! :) Yesterday was a GS meeting & sushi with Dollface before spending the rest of the day getting stuff done around the apartment.

Workout Recap
Agility fun :)
So last week looked like this....
Monday: CrossFit + Gymnastics (and my girls won their last game!!)
Tuesday: CrossFit
Wednesday: CrossFit
Thursday: OLY class
Friday: CrossFit (125# Power Clean - major PR!!)
Saturday: rest
Sunday: Run Club + Open gym (snatch work & the agaility).

Side note: before today's Run Club I weighed myself for the first time in AGES -- guess what?!?!?! I am down to 170# woot woot!! Hard work+Paleo+CrossFit+Running = SUCCESS :)

Today's Run Club was more a agility test + row challenge.  We did the course to the right and then did a row ladder
1min row 1min rest+5 push ups
2min row 2min rest+10 push ups
3min row 3min rest+15 push ups
4min row 4min rest + 10 push ups & 10 hollow rocks and then back down with hollow rocks instead of push ups.  Except I don't do hollow rocks right and they bug my back so I did sit ups and Superman's per the amount.  It was fun.  We did it as partners and so Jilly and I worked together. After we finished the row, Jilly and I went and did the agility run again -- it was WAY easier the first time then after the row haha!  We then did some snatch work -- nothing major -- I did get a PR -- I did 65# this week at OLY class (which was a PR and I didn't know it) and today I did 70# ....
then 75#! Woot woot!

OLY class is paying off -- things are starting to click.  DA says I need to get faster and work from blocks for a while. He's a mess -- no good job babe or I'm proud -- typical DA and how to get better.  That's the trainer in him I guess :)

Now - T just finished dying my hair again! Yay black! I'm going to get some stuff done then head to Jilly's for the Super Bowl! I am doing this fun #MilesofShame. You can get more info HERE. I picked the Ravens, so we shall see how that goes.

I still have to get my grocery shopping done and food prep before I can head to Jilly's...guess I need to know what I want for the week!

Planks are getting better thanks to #AbsbyApril fun! Have to get my #5bythe5th run in tomorrow or Tuesday -- can't believe it's already the 3rd of February.  Where is this time going? Plus side - 54 days to Cali to see DA :)

Who are you cheering for in the Super Bowl?
Are you doing #MilesofShame?



  1. CONGRATSSS on the weight stuff!!

    You are really workinggg the crossfit stuff! I hear sooo much about it through bloggers - i honestly think I'd struggle so, so much and wouldn't get through a session. It sounds and looks INTENSE!

    1. THANKS lovely :) You would totally get through -- that's the awesomeness (yes, I used it) of CrossFit. EVERYONE can do it :)

  2. I went to a superbowl party and didn't even watch them game! Well I watched Beyonce and that was it haha. I just stood by the food and ate for like 3 hours! :)

    1. haha sounds fun! I was at a mostly Paleo party so I really didn't get any fun cheats I was looking forward too! haha I'm sure its for the best :)

  3. Congrats on the hard work and the weight loss. You are killing it.
    I cheered for the 49ers, didn't work out to well.

    1. Thanks lady - I am trying :) haha yea -- I honestly didn't really care who won so lucky pick with the Ravens.

  4. wow melissa, you are so strong. I love how far you have come! be proud!

    1. Aw thanks LC! I still can't believe how far I have come in just 7 months!:)

  5. Lol, thanks for explaining #milesofshame! I kept seeing it on Twitter but was so lost, lol!

    Great workouts this week!

    1. haha yea, it was a great idea! I won though so thankful I didn't have to run haha!! Can't wait to add my push ups to my week :)

  6. Congrats on your weight!!! You make me really want to do Crossfit. I wish I had more money!

    1. Yea, it is expensive, but def the best money I've ever spent! I LOVE it!!! And thanks! Hoping if I get your runing bug I can hit that goal :)