Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fitness & Weekend Recap

Hello loves! How's ya'lls weekend been? It's been a little rough here -- still haven't really talked to DA about things, so that's hard.  Long distance blows when it comes to communication -- especially if they already aren't the biggest communicators haha :) Anyways - Mama Dukes is here -- we did some damage at Macys yesterday -- some new tops, a blazer, a purse, some skirts and stuff for school. Do you know how much fun shopping is for me now compared to before? I honestly really enjoy shopping lately!! Make me want to bust ASS in the gym too! Anyways, we had a good day! Before shopping we went to lunch with Jill & Tommy at the Pop Shop -- it was a good but completely crap meal to end on before my 30 day challenge starts TOMORROW! Yes, TOMORROW! I can't wait!! I am very excited to re-focus myself and help remember why I do what I do.   PS do you see the flower on that skirt?!?! Mama & I thought the placement was a little bit in the wrong spot for school haha :) Anyways - it was cool that Mama Dukes & Jill&Tommy got to meet each other.  I really, really like my Jilly and love having her and Tommy in my life now!

This also happened -- I'm a spoiled brat and Mama hooked me up with a New Ohio State shirt :) Isn't she just the best?!? And isn't this shirt awesome! I didn't have a basketball shirt, so I am SUPER stoked to have one now :)

I sucked on WOD'ing or running this week really -- it was a stressful and not so awesome week.  Between stress at school and the whole DA mess, I've just been super BLAH. I'm ready to crush this week -- taking a week off just makes me miss blasting stuff a million times more. Plus Erik and I are matching tomorrow -- yea, be jealous! Pics to come for sure :)

This morning I missed everything -- I think my body just completely shut down and slept.  5 different alarms set, and I honestly don't remember 4 of them going off. And the one I do remember I hit snooze and don't remember it going off again....but I did wake up to this super cute pup! I swear - she must know the days I'm KNOCKED out because she doesn't normally get up on the bed...I thought this ecard pretty much sums up my normal life, however today that alarm clock didn't separate me from my bed haha :)

Lets see -- Fitness Recap
Monday: Off - Parent-teacher conferences
Tuesday: CrossFit BRUTAL WOD
Wednesday: CrossFit -- Split Jerk PR @ 115#
Thursday: OLY class
Friday: Rest
Saturday: CrossFit - struggled on PushPress
Sunday: rest
Lots of rest this week -- and NO runs :( Maria won't be proud of me this week, but I am determined to get them in next week!! No room to be a bum here!! It's GO time!!
How was your week? Anything new?


PS -- this did happen today at my box -- I didn't dress up (overslept and am a bum, however I did the start and stop the music for takes haha)


  1. Mom's are the best!! Sounds like you ladies had a great time. Glad you enjoyed shopping too!

    You must have needed the sleep this morning! I did too actually..slept in waaaay too late!

    1. Mom's are the best! Yes, the sleep was much needed!

  2. Hi there Melissa! I'm visiting from your Girls gone sporty profile. Cool blog and I see you're friends with TR, awesome! You are a busy lady! Sounds like a great wkd. Hang in there with the long distance. I'm Joi @ Nice to find you!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Yes, busy seems to be a major part of my life haha :) Nice to meet you Joi -- can't wait to follow along your blog -- loved the haters post today!