Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fun Weekend & Fitness Update!

Hello Loves! Hope ya'lls weekend was ok! Mine was FABULOUS! Friday night I spent it with my Jerz girls at Wifey's new place. It was so nice to have all of us together.  It doesn't happen often and I really needed it.  Plus Ms. Olivia was there -- she is such a little chunky monkey - love that baby!! (ignore my double chin from looking down haha). By the time I left her house - there was NO snow at her place but the closer I got to my apartment, the more snow was there. We had about 3" so nothing major, but enough to have fun with my baby Scarlet :)

She LOVES snow! So we played for a little bit before bed and then again in the morning before I went to CrossFit.  Saturday was CrossFit + some hip work. Deb gave me a brutal massage again. I LOVE her!  Then Mama Dukes came up and we went to lunch with Hoover.  After that we just ran an errand to Walmart to get some random goodies for the apartment.  We then were meeting Dollface & cuzzo for dinner so we also went to Target to get some stuff for the classroom and then a super cool soap dispenser.  It's hands free -- yes, I get that excited for that. :) After dinner I headed to AC's for girls night -- green smoothies with Loopy vodka.  Always a good idea -- except maybe the night before a in house competition haha :)
Judge's view - mid burpee
Brings us to today -- we had a In-House competition at the box -- ps have I told you before how much I love my box? No, well I am INSANELY obsessed with the awesomeness that is my box and all the people there.  Three WODs -- 1 Power Snatch +Burpees --> 2 3Power Cleans, 3Front Squats and 3 Shoulders to overhead -->3 agility course (like this one) -- SO fun!! Was such a FABULOUS day!!! I got to judge and be judged by Nilda -- she's like my idol there haha.  Major BADASS and one of the coolest people. A vlog about it :)
Still SO much to learn and get better at, which is what I love so much about CrossFit. Most of the crew headed to PJs for food and drinks.  Was nice to socialize with people outside of the box.
Today is also DA's birthday -- he's 34! Old man haha :)  Dinner & Grammy watching is happening right now.  Eggs w/salsa, bacon & Andrew's sweet potato circles - YUM! Has been a crap weekend of food, so I'm ready to get back on track this week!!
Fitness Recap from last week - check out the runs :) And I've been planking and doing my #AbsbyApril fun!
Monday - Rest
Tuesday - CrossFit +Run for my #5bythe5th
Wednesday - CrossFit
Thursday - OLY class
Friday - Rest
Saturday - CrossFit + run
Sunday - In-house competition
How was your weekend?
Anything new or fun?



  1. You are loving your crossfit!!
    how'd you like the grammy's??

    1. I am I am :) I liked the Grammys -- a lot of people complained about them, but I thought it was good. Katy Perry and Kelly had my favorite looks -- they both loooked AMAZING!!!

  2. I love your dedication to crossfit. You can tell by the way you talk about it that you love it :)

    1. Its like you love of Paleo -- I LOVE everything you break down and share :)

  3. Adorbs!! Ms. Olivia and th doggie. ;)
    I love hands free soap dispensers! I have two!
    Great week of workouts girl, keep it up!

    1. haha I'm glad someone else loves them as much as I do -- I just hate touching things while I am cooking. I need to get one more run in a week and go from there. :)

    2. Great job girl, that competition sounds like it was no joke!

    3. Thanks girl it was something else. My arms are still sore haha =P