Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday Wednesday & August goals!

It's August - can you believe it? I can't! I feel as though July seemed to just FLY by! I think my schedule had something to do with that.  Between Fleet Feet and summer school - I just couldn't get caught up. I am looking forward to this month - I don't think I have been so excited for a month until now.  I really can't wait to step up my CrossFit and running! I also think I am most excited for working on my nutrition and moving to a more Paleo life style.  I understand that you can't be 100% Paleo because life happens and I am ok with that.  Also, I can't imagine giving up my cherry vodka haha =p
So I found this last night - I am OBSESSED with it.  I think it sums up a lot of amazingness (yes, I made that word up) in one little photo :) Today was the last day of summer school.  I am very excited for the fact I get more ME time; however, I honestly enjoyed getting to know the group that worked summer school.  I really think we had a good group and had a good time.
Today started perfect. It started with a 5:30 am CrossFit class with Jill! We worked on shoulder press - I couldn't get a PR.  Shoulder press is the hardest move for me. I know I have a lot of work to do - on all my lifts. The WOD was hard - 5 rounds of 5 DB shoulder press & 8 burpees, 5 rounds of DB Push Press & 16 box jumps, suppose to be 5 rounds (but only made 3) of 5 DB jerks & 24 air squats.  My arms were DONE after it!

Tonight after school and a nap haha - I went to Center City Sips with Dollface and two of my friends from school.  Well we were suppose to go to a restaurant that supported CCS, but I messed that up.  Dollface has been itching to go back to El Vez in the city, so we started there.  Dollface, Chels and I split a pitcher of margaritas and the best nachos.  When we were done it was raining so we didn't want to go far.  We went across the street to a wine bar. I had a nice blush from Spain (can't remember what it was called). Anderson came and meet us. We really had a great time talking and just being us.  Then we treated ourselves (bc after 2 margaritas and a glass of wine I so needed more blah) to Philly Chocolate -- Treated my self to a chocolate & M&M covered pretzel! It was fabulous.

This afternoon before I napped, I was reading some awesome blog updates from my blogger friends. I came across a fabulous idea -- I have stolen it from simply Nicole. She did it for the end of July to say if she made her goals or not. I am doing it to set my August goals for ya'll to keep me accountable :)

  1. Run at least 21 mi. ending 8/5. 25 ending 8/12. 28 ending 8/19. 30 by 8/26. 28 by 9/2.
  2. Go to yoga twice a week
  3. Try simply Nicole's HIIT running workout.
  4. Do an abs workout everyday and include a plank! Try to get up to 2:30 by end of August.


  1. Go to church at least 3 of the 4 Sundays. 
  2. Stop letting myself eat poorly.
  3. Work on my Paleo diet and eating habits.
  4. Lose weight (not setting a goal weight - just weight)


  1. Write a post every day.

As I am blogging - this is what is laying next to me :) On that note, I am going to bed - CrossFit in the morning before work.

xx - Melissa


  1. So glad you are blogging I dont have to facebook stalk your pics! LOL!!!

  2. haha you know I love my pictures :)