Friday, September 14, 2012

10 Personal Running Questions :)

So...I've been seeing a bunch of my favorite people doing this like my twitter buddies over at Blisters and Black Toenails and Pavement Runner.
Best Run Ever? --> I'm going to say my half marathon at the Mercedes Half Marathon.  I felt great the whole run and just seem to keep going.  I also ran the first 5K of the race at my fastest pace EVER!!

3 words that describe your running? Slow. Steady. Fun.  --> I am a slow runner.  I can go for miles and miles, but I am slow.  I am semi ok with it. I need to get faster and figure out how to.  Now I used FUN because I honestly LOVE running.  I love sharing my passion for running with other people too.

Go to running outfit? Compression shorts under my Ohio State Nike Tempos with my Nike white split tank.  I am a HOT runner so I stay in shorts and tanks for majority of the year.  Though I am looking forward to fall/winter running.  Running on snow is awesome!!

Quirky habit while running? I dance while I run -- music or not haha! I'm trying to learn to run with music.  Any earbud suggestions or arm pocket suggestions?
Morning, Midday or Evening? I'm an evening runner.  I wish I could be a morning runner.  I would LOVE to start my day with a nice run...not sure how to switch myself over to that. I'm working on it.
I won’t run outside when…it is too hot. I don’t do well in the heat. Makes summer hard for me because I also can't do treadmills.  I do NOT have the attention span to last haha

Worst injury and how you got over it? My partial tear in my left achilles. WORST. THING. EVER. How did I get over it you ask? Oh wait - I'm not over it! haha some days I still wake up and can't walk so I pull out my crutches...take a couple days off...and move on.  I need to get to a good doctor and see maybe if there is something better I can do. Or I'll just keep doing what I'm doing. 
I felt like the most badass mother runner when? I can actually get moving and have NO pain in my achilles...I feel unstoppable at that point!
My next race is…SUNDAY! Running the Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon with my group from Fleet Feet Marlton. I am really excited as I have some awesome people who it is their first half. Pumped to see how they all do!!
Running goals for 2013? I really want to get faster.  2013 will start off with a FULL Marathon at Disney. Some halfs in the spring and hopefully getting back into my triathlons!! I would like to get under 35minutes for a 5K and a half under 2:40.  (Yes, I told you I am slow haha).
There you have it. That was fun :) Share with me if you post yours!

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  1. Love it!! Thanks for playing along!! I hope your achilles sorts itself out soon! That can be a NASTY injury to get over!